Love, some people can’t get enough of it and others never want to feel it’s sweet embrace in fear of being eventually hurt by it but at the end of the day, it’s something that no human being can escape from, the emotion that is love.


Falling in love is always a wonderful thing! No matter what you have, love could be said to be one of the most wonderful things we can experience in this life. Love from your family, friends or even more special when you find someone who is the ‘one’ to really love! A partner that you meet at some point during your life and I know that many will say that you will have many partners before you meet the ‘one’ your first love that is always the hardest to move on from although some lucky few will keep their first love which is really special in my eyes.

But what if you don’t find that special someone straight away, whether it be in school, university, work or anywhere else? They say that everyone has someone waiting for them but what if your socially awkward? What if you struggle to be social and not really meet people in order to find that special someone? I am talking about Autism! Having it, I know the pain of breaking through the barrier that is being social, meeting people and screwing up so badly on some occasions, it’s embarrassing! Yet I never stopped trying to find that special someone. I didn’t care that I struggled to talk to many people or that some people found me to be a tad weird on occasions, I had just as much right as everyone else to be in a relationship, I’m not really one for labels anyway!

I did find that ‘one’ and I am going to marry her this year! We love each other and accept one another for who we are, I can’t imagine my life without her anymore! It took a long time and a bit of heartbreak before I found her but it was worth it because I grew and learnt along the way, almost like fate or something.

Of course I have quirks and can be quite cynical and to the point quite a lot but we work, I have my faults and she is ‘perfect’ if you get my drift (she has faults) but I can’t ever ‘say that’ ha ha I do anyway! I know it winds her up but we love each other to the ends of the universe and back, we don’t care that I have Autism, doesn’t stop me from doing anything because I believe in myself! I believed that I would find my soulmate and I did! Took a long time but I found her or should I say that….she found me! Then I took her to Bruges

If you are in a relationship and you have Autism then congratulations! It’s always wonderful to be in love with someone, whether it be with the opposite sex or your own! With so much negative talk about what people with Autism can’t do, it’s nice to see much positive actions about that are barely mentioned by the media, only the bad ones ever seem to be picked up by them…shame.

To often, I will come across a story about someone in the world with Autism being kicked to the curb by a former partner because they struggle to cope with it all and for some, it bears too much but I do occasionally come across more happier stories where it doesn’t matter about the Autism, it’s the person themselves that matters, all labels off!

Love isn’t for everyone but we all feel it in some way or form but I feel like when it came to finding someone to share my life with, was the hardest challenge I have ever come across, even more so than University!

Thank You for reading and have a good day!

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