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And what do I happen to come across this time around, oh just something called People With Autism Die Young ….What? That was my reaction anyway…before I had come across this goon of a report, I have never heard anything like this, of anything to do with Autism being able to cause you a premature death in any way, shape or form so that got me thinking and reading a lot more into what the article actually meant and well…I think what it was indicating was that more people with Autism tend to commit suicide yet they also claim that epilepsy  is a leading cause as well which I don’t know much about really but I just got the impression that only people with Autism seriously suffer from it…which is stupid!

”This (Epilepsy) kills people with autism at a rate 40 times that of the general population”

You say it like’s it’s fact…like it’s been 100% proven which is ridiculous! It also states that health concerns are a major concern like Heart Disease or Cancer! Are you implying that people with Autism are more likely to get Cancer? How and why? Are you saying that people with Autism don’t aren’t capable of looking after themselves, and don’t live healthy lifestyles which leads to disease in later life? It’s not very clear this article, it tries to state but doesn’t really back up anything it states! Did someone look over this before it was published?

”The mean age of death of somebody with autism was 54 – compared with 70 for the general population. For people with autism and a learning disability, life expectancy was a mere 40 years.”- Dr Hirvikoski

Ok…first off, how ridiculous is this thing? I don’t know…saying that people with Autism have a tendency of…not living long which is the stupidest thing that I have read online and I have seen what Katie Hopkins comes out with on a daily basis! It was a bad written blog really because it makes it out like it’s true fact which is dis concerning because some people will take it as fact! At first I did…for like 2 minutes before I realised just how stupid it really was, I even asked a question on an Asperger’s Facebook page regarding age and showed them this article and when the majority of people who replied and were in the ages of 50 and some even 70’s…you realise just how silly this article suddenly looks…but don’t mind me as I plan early for my 41st Birthday because I plan to have one! Along with a 50th, 60th and beyond!  After I get married, have some kids and life a good life doing all the things I want to do…because I can.

My Autism makes me nervous and sometimes intimidated to talk to others but I have done mighty fine over the years, I’m 25 and I’m very happy and capable of looking after myself so for m, this article is utter rubbish and written by someone who has no idea what they are talking about…they are aware that you can die before your 40 and not have Autism, right? Just because you have Autism and might die around this  age…it doesn’t mean for a second that it’s because of the Autism! Not for a single second but so many people just look at the label and decide that’s what the cause was…”oh he had Autism so he was surely depressed and wanted to kill himself”  Autism does not cause people to die early…you can be depressed and not have Autism…did you know that? You can also live an unhealthy life and get cancer…without having Autism, did you know that? You cannot be more prone to Cancer or Heart Disease because of Autism, only idiots actually believe that! Autism is not a disease in any way, shape or form! Not once in my life have I thought

”Oh this Autism…it’s really bad for my heart”- Said no one ever! 

But then again…you can read anything in a newspaper or an article, can’t you? I mean, hands up everyone who has read a newspaper, saw an article and gone


I’ll guess the majority…like how everything gives you cancer…even the toaster, the cat and fresh air…that’s right, I have read in a paper before that fresh air gives you cancer and how eventually, World War Three will kill us all! It is always teased but it’s all just over hype because two people had a little argument. From now on, just because I read an article in a paper or online with something that states something, doesn’t mean I will take it as 100% fact! I am done with this stupidity and fear mongering in the media! Oh we did research so it’s fact! It doesn’t mean that EVERYONE will though, does it…you don’t ever really say that in the article…you just state that people with Autism are more prone to early death…you didn’t say people with depression are or anything like that…just ASD and you didn’t say some…you never said not all as well…misleading!


When reading the article, I came across another one and it was called People With Autism Run A Higher Risk Of Premature Death and one quote stuck out to me which was this one

”The group of people with ASD but no intellectual disability, however, had a higher risk of death from one specific cause: suicide” Tatja Hirvikoski

So people who are smart enough and have Autism are more prone to kill themselves? What about people with ASD and and Intellectual disability? It’s like your implying that they aren’t smart enough to commit suicide…not that anyone ever should! Their was also a bit about Women with ASD and Intellectual Disability being prone to suicide but I’m not touching that one! I was infuriated, I’ll tell you that much! What is it about Autism that makes these people think we can die young? I am aware that people with ASD can be prone to suicide, I have always known that but that’s not the majority yet this article makes me feel like it is which is silly because you know that so many others will read it and take it as fact! That’s worrying to me!

To finish off, the first article…wish I never came across it, I will pretend that I never did from this point forward…it was a weird dream I had because I ate cheese after 10pm! That’s all so you have read a blog about a bad dream I had!

End of the day though…how did this article ever get published?



  1. Loved this post. I liked the humor that you put behind a serious subject matter while informing people the true nature of autism. Thanks again for sharing!

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