People who think they should have respect for nothing…no reason, they just want it, like a general at the front of an army, I just don’t understand it at all, I really don’t and using Autism as an example for this, some people will use it as a method of having people ‘feel sorry for them’ because they will paint such a story of how they have no friends and how life is so unfair to them! perhaps even demanding respect of complete strangers because they have something that affects how they live and have others feel sorry for them….I have seen this happen in the past and it can happen with anything…I’ve seen people in the street, at college etc give out sob stories so others will be nice to them and I have never got that…I just don’t understand how some people think in the sense that making others sympathise and feel sorry for you is a good thing.

Now…don’t get me wrong, this is not aimed at every single person  on the Autistic Spectrum by any means but for me, I never expect any sort of help at all, nor will I ever because I know I am capable of what anyone else is, that’s me though and I cannot speak for everyone else  because we are all different but I would like to think that everyone is a hard worker and that we all have dreams and goals that we strive to achieve…not caring what the doubters have to say about them, we all have them…the ones who tell you that you can’t do it and you shouldn’t even bother to attempt it!

I am Autistic and I do not demand respect, I earn it! I do not feel sorry for myself because of my limitations, I do my best to overcome them every single day and if I happen to fail, then I try again the next day! I don’t want people to feel like they have to be nice to me because of what I have, I would rather it be 100% genuine, rather than fake! Any day of the week! I know that this is my own opinions and thoughts, not shared with others, I understand that but it would be nice to know that the majority of people do not expect sympathy from others just for what they have…I mean what’s the point, does it really make life that much better for the person…It might just be me but I would prefer to earn respect for what I can do, my abilities and capabilities, I would feel so much better if someone respected me for being capable and able, not just because I have Autism.

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  1. Another great post! Respect is an earned thing in my opinion and completely different from feeling sorry for someone or making exceptions because they are lacking in certain areas that others aren’t. But I do have compassion for those with disabilities and illnesses who are less fortunate than me that haven’t either working arms or legs and are in wheelchairs or have cancer and are dying sooner than is expected or have mental challenges I don’t. I don’t treat them differently I just make sure their needs are also being met and give allowance for lack of communication skills or slow movements. Hope this makes sense.

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