I don’t know what it is but lately I have slowed down on my writing and feel like it could be severe Writers Block, either that or I just struggle to find enough time to do any, what with work, friends, family, planning the wedding etc I have a lot to do and I have noticed that over the last two months I have started to blog less and less which Is not what I want at all, only problem is I have no idea what to do about it…whether it’s not having enough to write about could be it, I don’t know really but I need to have a bit of a think I reckon and come up with a decision on what else I should write about apart from Autism which is my main topic, obviously because I have Autism so that should be reason enough but I have to me than just what I have but perhaps it is difficult to look past my Autism because it can dominate sometimes!

I’ll be alright and I’ll get past this and back to writing many different blogs and having a great time doing it!

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