I have already covered this topic once already with Don’t Believe All That You Read! a previous blog that I wrote.That’s because I thought it was something seriously stupid and out of order yet…I’m finding more people covering this in news outlets in the UK and it continues to bewilder me as why this is suddenly appearing right before my eyes every single bloody day! The Telegraph, a newspaper in the UK reports that people with Autism are dying 16 years than expected and I was going to instantly go on about how stupid all of this was because of what happened last time but this time…it made only a slight bit more sense when it mentioned the reasons that they believe it is

  • Bullying
  • Social Issues
  • Side Effects From Medication 


Now don’t get out your pitchforks and riot! It was when I saw the BBC report it that things felt a bit more real It kind of makes sense in a way when it is explained like this because they all believe that the leading cause of this apparent reason for so many people with Autism dying early is Suicide…. after Heart Disease! All of my life, I have heard that suicide rates for people with Aspergers was high and I have never doubted it because I get it! I have struggled to make friends and have at times been really lonely and for some, it might be too much, they might not see a point to life if everyone just bullies them and no one wants to be their friend which can leave you feeling depressed.

People with Autism Spectrum Disorders such as Autism and Asperger’s syndrome can be prone to depression, which may lead to a risk of suicide in some cases–

No one likes to be alone, to feel helpless and useless in life and I know many will disagree with what these people are saying, that it is ridiculous that people with Autism die before they are 40 and I agree, it is a given but I also agree that many people with Autism can be prone to depression which could lead to a suicide attempt and to be honest, suicide sounds more reasonable than people with Autism being more prone to catching Cancer and Heart Disease, that was just stupid!

I have known people that haven’t been able to get jobs, make friends or do anything with society and they feel left out and isolated, It wouldn’t surprised me if they were depressed at all! You can get people like that who have no one, can’t do anything and just in the UK Disability allowance is being cut which could be ruining many lives!

What I don’t get is why now? Why now has this charity called Austicia come out with this, I have always known suicide was a bit high with people with Autism, I mean when I was in Education, I was once asked if I felt suicidal and I said no and they replied ‘Oh, I thought you were Autistic’ I didn’t understand why they would say that at first until I did some research and when I say that, I mean I googled Autism and Suicide and I find quite a lot related to that such as suicidal thoughts are more common with people with Autism, Autistic Suicidal Prevention and Suicidal Rates Shockingly High With People With Autism! etc

I’ll be honest, I find this rather strange as I haven’t ever felt Suicidal but that does not speak for everyone else as we are all different but from the many people I have spoken to who are Autistic world wide, I have often thought that many sound very unhappy with life and have felt somewhat uncomfortable sometimes because the world’s a big place and people with Autism are all over it, you might not know anyone who feels like this but out in the world someone will be some, be many actually but a lot are afraid to speak out and tell the world how they feel. You know what they say, it’s often the silent ones that need the help the most!

I don’t accept that many things make people with Autism less likely to make it past the age of 40 but if suicide was the leading cause for SOME than I would believe it a lot more, as for Epilepsy, I can’t pretend that I am an expert in that so I won’t go much into it although I’m not sure if people with Autism are prone to it or not…I have never heard anything of the sort until stuff like this kept on coming up this week  but I read up on Epilepsy and as far as I can tell, I don’t suffer from it, I’ve never had a seizure of any kind and that’s the honest truth but if I ever did, I would get medical help immediately!

Of course, no one should panic and think they are about to die! Don’t be silly, I don’t feel afraid because I know I’m happy and take life one day at a time, learning along the way…no one can even tell I have Autism, I don’t feel depressed but once again, just because I’m like this doesn’t mean that others are! Whether you read much into what this charity is saying is up to you but I get the feeling that something like plenty of research into the matter is about to be done, regarding the question, why?

I am not telling you to believe this or not, reserve your judgement and go about your life! I know I will but perhaps I will always remember to take better care of myself and to never be afraid to seek help if I need it! I might have Autism but I am not inferior to anyone, I once felt like I was but no longer! I feel equal! Also, if you feel down, I learnt that you can always be cheered up…music does it for me!


  1. I have been unemployed since 2009 after being made redundant I have been recently diagnosed as having aspergers syndrome. I have never had friends or a girlfriend I feel I have lost out in life. I see images in the media and society brings on depression to the state I am now on medication.

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