Hello and welcome to the DailyPickMeUp! a blog all about Autism and that’s just how I like it, it’s what I like to write about and it is what I will write about, the news that comes up worldwide regarding it, little stories I have gone through amongst other things so keep a look out and keep on reading!

This is a blog about a certain line I have heard way too many times in my days and it’s high time that people know that it’s not welcome, not wanted and not funny in any way, shape or form…You have Autism? I mean wow, the amount of times someone has appeared gobsmacked when I reveal I have Autism and it’s normally after a really long conversation where I reveal all I have done so far in my life such as

  • School
  • College
  • University
  • Friends
  • Had a Short Story Published
  • Jobs
  • Getting Married
  • Well Traveled




Yet once I tell them, it’s the ‘Really??’ look I always get, like it’s a big shock because I have friends, a job, a fiance and I do things! It’s like the computer in the mind is blowing up or something, I half expect smoke to come out of the ears sometimes as they try to absorb this new information!

Something that isn’t visible yet is about can confuse some people to the point of laughter, seriously…why is Autism so hard for you to comprehend?  You were fine with me before I told you, yet know you look uneasy and like you want to get out of here as fast as you can. It bewilders me how fast someone can change an opinion on someone for the dumbest of reasons and yes, it’s dumb! Very dumb in fact because…what is it about Autism that scares you so much? What information have you had prior to meeting you that makes you give me the crazy eyes and sweaty face!

As much as I wish I could say I am making this up…I am not…I really have had people react in such strange ways to finding out that I have Autism….even though just prior to it, we get along like a house on fire…yet all it took was one little sentence and that was it, it can feel really awkward and uncomfortable for us both, you because….well god only knows and as for me….I’m like…here we go again!

Are you serious? It’s almost like people are shocked when they come across someone with Autism, like they were a ninja lurking in the shadows or something, they never see it coming! Because Autism isn’t visible, therefore not always so easy to spot but it’s just the reactions that I have had that annoys me, it always feels over the top and unnecessary to happen at all, it’s Autism…not Ebola! You’ll be fine by talking to me, you won’t catch anything from me!


People who are in shock that someone has Autism..I mean what gave the game away apart from me telling you that little fact about me? Nothing….what a shocker! I apologize that I forgot to wear my ‘label’ for you to see but never mind that…oh wait, never mind that, take this label and get out of here, I won’t have you dictate to me that it was my fault for not making it clear that I had Autism, like it would have made a difference if I hadn’t mentioned it in the conversation or anything, screw you and your judgmental ways but I won’t make it easier for you to spot my Autism by wearing something so stupid…I don’t ask you to wear a badge saying


Or warning, I am stupid! I’m not like that but I ain’t going to blow my trumpet over it or anything but you wonder why I don’t always want to be positive about it all! It’d be great to go through a week or two without someone looking at me like I’m an alien or just dumb lucky because I have Autism and have done well…almost like it’s illegal to do well for yourself and be independent without the need of constant help to look after myself but your right, I should drop all of that….get a helper or something, move back in with my parents and never pursue my dreams, that should make the world spin in your eyes, right? All is right in your deluded, outdated mind….go screw yourself if you think like that!

To conclude, you can’t see Autism but believe me it is apparent and there! Don’t make people feel bad or call them liars because you can’t see it, think before you speak and don’t make an ass of yourself by trying to sound like a snob if you give someone with Autism a hard time because you assumed that everyone on the spectrum was the same….newsflash, we are not! We are all unique and fantastic! Take that snob!

Good Day Everybody!

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