With knowledge…comes lies!


Trigger Warning- If you are offended by this blog than I apologize as that is not my intention at all and never is. 

I’m sure I speak for quite a few people when I say that people with Autism just want to live a simple, normal life like everyone else…yet we have these groups trying to ‘cure us’ and I always ask

‘Cure what?’ 

What needs curing? Nothing, I just need to be more confident and believe in myself a little bit more and realise that yes the world is a scary place but I will have good days along with the bad ones but I don’t need to be cured in order to be more social, not at all! It is made out that Autism is a bully that will ruin everyone else’s lives…because…I don’t even know, I mean was someone from Autism $peaks bullied by someone with Autism and they vowed to get some sort of revenge? Was their perfect family spoiled because of Autism or something….I don’t know but it’s probably something far more pathetic than that.

First off, I want to cry…I want to scream and wonder how on Earth something like this happened! I thought I was safe on this side of the Atlantic! I live in Britain and as far as I know, Autism $peaks is in North America, way over on that side of the ocean so I assumed that I would never have to deal with them…ever! yet I hear news reports and online reports of a charity called Autistica being based in the UK and they were going on about people with Autism dying younger and they were ‘researching’ why that is and I wrote a blog on that Do People With Autism Die Young?  and then I saw people say things like ‘Autistica are associated with Autism $peaks’ I’m like…no way, that can’t be…can it?

Turns out it’s true, great…more people who think we need a …cure for Autism…when will people understand that we don’t need to be cured? I don’t want to be told that something is wrong with me and that I need curing to be ‘normal’ I just find that highly offensive and hurtful because I don’t go about my daily life thinking that way, I just get on with my life yet these charities seem to think that Autism is a monster that has taken over there children and needs to be eradicated off the face of the Earth.

I found this YouTube video called Ask an Autistic and I highly recommend that you give it a watch because it speaks the truth, I even subscribed to her page and if you have a YouTube page then you should do the same thing!

Autism $peaks makes me laugh because they think they make such a difference…don’t be so stupid, you are a joke and will accomplish nothing, ever! I never even heard of you until I was 25! 25 years I went not knowing of your existence and I was just fine, I was never told I needed to be cured or was diseased, sure not everyone understood but the majority didn’t change how they treated me, I was a person just like them…see how easy it is to just let this stupid cure thing go and go about your life like we all should be doing?! WE GET, YOU THINK WE ARE BURDENS! Yet if you ask me, It’s Autism $peaks that are the burdens to society that needs eradicating off the Earth.

Never once have I thought I was a burden or inferior to anyone and I never will because no one commands me or tells me how to act, think or do…I make those decisions and have done for a long time and many others are the same, I’m not diseased or a threat to anyone…nothing like you make out at all! I would go on to say I’m not surprised that your an American group saying these rubbish things, making ridiculous statements and believing it as absolute fact but I don’t want to offend anyone.

Autism $peaks, you should change your name because you do not speak for Autism, you fear monger and scare people to raise money because you think Autism is a crisis and you try to tell the world that people with Autism are nothing but a burden for the rest of the world, you are disgusting, shameful and most of all…the most stupidest people I have ever heard of! Well done for ruining so many people’s lives by convincing people who probably know little to nothing about Autism that we are bad…great job ‘clap clap’

Just to get the message home, here is that awful Autism $peaks advert again…if that doesn’t convince you that this charity is the worst than nothing will and if your a person who thinks that this group is a good thing than get off this blog right now and never read anything I write ever again! Your negativity and stupid hatred is not needed and you can go back to the 1960’s where your attitude belongs!

By the way, in this video just add the word speaks after Autism and this video makes more sense! It’s simple people, if you know someone with Autism than they are just like you….they breath, walk, talk and bleed…just like you…they have dreams, just like you….they want to have friends….just like you….end of!

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