When you see or hear about Autism, you might have seen puzzle pieces in an image or something along those lines…have you ever wondered why that is?  It seems quite childish to me really, I mean it’s a puzzle piece! why a puzzle of all things? Is that what others think of us….is Autism a puzzle to be solved? The simple answer is no by the way! Seriously, what is there really to solve? When nothing is wrong with an individual, why do they need to be solved or cured? Keep your witchcraft speech to yourself, I’m sure Matthew Hopkins would be very interested in it…if you can get a time machine and go back to Civil War England in the 1600’s that is! It’s stuff like this that makes people not be able to fully understand what Autism actually is which for one is not a disease, before anyone starts!

It seems to be puzzling because the majority of people must want to tie Autism down to one thing, however that is impossible! You can’t say that Autism is one single thing and the reason for that is simple, no one with Autism is the same! We are all different and unique in our own ways! Hobbies, fears and social skills can all be different.

  • Many people with Autism have friends
  • Many get married and have children
  • Many live normal lives and are happy

But of course you can have others that are what many think we all are which is

  • Anti-social
  • Unable to communicate

As true as this is, you don’t need to be Autistic to not have any friends…anyone can do that!

That is not all of us and even if you were these things, you don’t need curing! If you think that then I don’t know why your still reading, give Dr Who a call and go back to your proper time period, probably a few hundred years before now! You can have people who aren’t Autistic and they can be anti social, no one gives them a hard time, they are just ignored or bullied, that’s the human society…mock what you don’t understand and deep down, we all know it’s true, look at our history and you’ll see it everywhere!

Puzzles however are meant to be solved because they need to so we can see the clear picture however I am not a puzzle, I do not need to be solved in any way, shape or form and besides that, you can take a puzzle apart afterwards and put it away…are you suggesting that people with Autism can be put aside on the shelf someday by using a puzzle piece? Give me a break….it’s 2016! How are we as a species still struggling to come to terms that we are all different for a reason…life would be boring otherwise! If you went outside and saw that everyone was wearing the same kind of clothes as you, worshiped the same religion as you, like the same things as you, you were all identical….would their be any point? I think it’s great that I can go outside and meet someone from another country, gender, sexuality, religion, disability or anything else because we have different stories to share and that makes life interesting, nothing to cure, nothing to change…isn’t that so much simpler and makes everyone so much more accepting?

A puzzle is a terrible idea because it normally only has 1 picture on it anyway, indicating that we are this set thing, what you see is what you get and that goes for everyone, a puzzle is a few pieces, a person is infinite in who they are and what they do…I do not need a puzzle to tell the world what I have, I’ll do that myself! No charities making me feel that I am a burden, no one telling that I can’t achieve my dreams because I have something they know nothing about, I can communicate and make friends if I really try, I don’t need society telling me that their is no point in me even trying!

As a kid, I enjoyed puzzles because they were fun and I always wanted to complete them but life is something that a puzzle cannot be made out of because a puzzle is laid out in front of you and you decide where the pieces go but life cannot be determined by us, it is a mystery and the same goes for my Autism, I have no idea which days will be good and which will be bad but I know that both will happen and I’m ok with that, as long as I try my best and never give up on my goals and don’t let me anyone stop me from doing anything that I believe that I can, that choice is up to me and I have been in the position where others have taken that choice away from me but it hasn’t stopped me from getting past things and overcoming odds and it was ME that did that! No one did it for me, all others did was try to talk me out of it but I follow my own beat and I always will and I for sure don’t need a puzzle to help others understand or assume that I’m complicated or difficult to solve…no solving needed here so I think it’s time that the puzzle goes back in the box and is only brought back out when you need something challenging to do!


  1. evreyone has an opinion you wrote beautifully I like the puzzle bc my autistic child is always exciting and challenging so it fits him perfectly

    1. people should stop seeing us as puzzle pieces and start seeing us as actual human beings. They should at least be thankful for our existence instead of trying so hard to wipe us out. All we need is love and acceptance.

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