Well I was happy today to see this little red circle appear in my messages this morning, I was on a 6 mile jog when I got the notification and I was so happy to get to the next milestone, now it’s on wards to 300 and after that…you know the rest! On and up as always, many more blogs and crazy things to come from me because I do what I love and that is to write! I’m an Autistic writer and this is my obsession…simple as that!

I write about Autism mainly and I am happy to get to 200 followers because of that, I didn’t think I’d get to 100 people following me and just to let you know, I appreciate you all for even glancing at what I write! Many thanks from me! May it please grow and grow, wishful thinking but I’m allowed to dream as we all are!

I hope you continue to rock with me and read what I write but also check out my FB Page The Daily Pick Me Up FB Page by clicking the link and giving it a like! Many Thanks!

Thank You to everyone that follows me and my madness

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