I woke up this morning and I…wrote a blog the other day and it took me a few minutes to even remember that I had done in the first place, it was this one I Never Did Like Jigsaw Puzzles where I pretty much go about saying why I do not want to be represented by a puzzle piece because it appeared like I was something that needed to be solved but I never really into much detail as to why I didn’t like the puzzle piece, other than I assumed that people look at people with Autism as complicated puzzles that need solving, I just pretty much went about saying that I didn’t like it and that I only needed myself to be represented by, I didn’t need a slogan or anything like that!


However, now that my head is cleared on this Easter Monday, I think I shall explain how this all came about in the first place! Like I said in the other blog, I have seen the so called puzzle piece used by many people as a symbol for Autism so I did some research into it and I would occasionally come across people blogging about it and quite a few did not like the puzzle pieces at all and found it quite offensive yet others like the puzzle pieces and are proud of it so I came to a conclusion that this is quite a controversial and touchy subject because no matter what, your going to upset someone whether you support or don’t support the puzzle piece as a representation of Autism.

I said something along the lines off

A puzzle is a terrible idea because it normally only has 1 picture on it anyway, indicating that we are this set thing, what you see is what you get and that goes for everyone, a puzzle is a few pieces, a person is infinite in who they are and what they do…I do not need a puzzle to tell the world what I have, I’ll do that myself! No charities making me feel that I am a burden, no one telling that I can’t achieve my dreams because I have something they know nothing about, I can communicate and make friends if I really try, I don’t need society telling me that their is no point in me even trying!

I would then ask myself the question ‘Why don’t you like the puzzle piece?’ And you know what…I actually come up with an answer really! I don’t hate it nor do I love it either, I think if anything I am now indifferent to it and the reason I say that is for this reason. Being diagnosed in my teens, I still feel like I am somewhat new to all of this and growing up, I never heard of Autism $peaks or the puzzle piece that is used so much to represent Autism and for me, it’s all still a step in the dark, you see something that someone else has written and you think for a while that you don’t like it either! I read a few blogs on how the Puzzle Piece was bad and offensive and it went from there and as I have said…I had a couple of drinks before hand….never blogged whilst drunk before, doubt I will again because I couldn’t even remember writing it the next day so I will apologize if anyone was offended by my words, if you love the puzzle piece and didn’t like what I said than I am sorry but my true feelings are that I don’t love nor hate the puzzle piece, I am ok with it but it still does not represent me for who I am but it works for many people and I am happy about that yet it doesn’t work for some people which is ok as well.

I like the colours of the puzzle pieces, the diversity of it all, that I do like, I just won’t use it to represent myself and my Autism but that’s just me, I am not telling you to to start or stop using it, that choice is yours…I won’t use it to represent me but I don’t hate it. Actually when I say ‘use it’ as a representation, you might think this

‘Hang on, this guys’s main picture has it on!


It’s a giant puzzle piece! I’ll explain that as well, I use that because I like the colours and it goes well with the background. I honestly wasn’t thinking much about the puzzle piece itself at the time yet now I can’t help but do that because of all this! Should I change the picture or keep it the way it is? I just like the colours and the background of it all as well but I could easily change it as well.

I am not going back on my word from the last blog, yet I never really said last time that it was only my opinion on it all, it was like I was stating a fact and that no other answer or opinion was allowed. I feel like it’s how I felt when was first introduced to them, Autism $peaks and the Puzzle Piece and old feelings reemerged but that’s the past, not who I am now! However as I wasn’t fully of sound mind due to having a drink, I feel like it would be unfair to not say my feelings on it all when I am of sound mind or in other words sober! I rarely ever drink as well…probably why it only took two drinks to make me feel dizzy…what can I say it was Easter! Family get together and all that, it was a party atmosphere

If you like the puzzle piece then by all means, continue to do so and if you don’t like it than that’s your call as well. At the end of the day, people will always either like or hate the puzzle piece and they have reasons for both which is good because we are all allowed to choose them, it’s our choice to do so and to not be intimidated by others to change our minds if someone disagrees. I don’t love the puzzle piece but I won’t tell anyone else to hate it either, if you love it than fantastic! I support you all the way yet if you don’t than that’s fine, I support your decision as well but as for right now, I am indifferent…I just don’t mind it, I used to hate it but now….I don’t mind it, maybe one day that can change as well.

Have A Good One

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