Hello and welcome to this new update to the DailyPickMeUp and today I talk about a topic that has grown a lot in the last year or so and I have noticed them before I start…the small comments that sometimes appear that say the following

‘Stop being negative!’ 

”Your too negative! Be more positive!” Yeah I get that a lot and I always wonder why because as far as I’m aware at least, I’m a very positive person and a very happy one as well, I just happen to focus on certain negative things regarding Autism…because they exist and I don’t want to feel like it’s taboo to even mention them….I mean you can’t just pretend that nothing negative exists at all.

Only focus on the positive I hear a lot…I agree but it shouldn’t be so bad to ever mention something negative either…I mean one can’t exist without the other…a few people with Autism struggle to communicate and be social, that much is obvious…you can’t ignore that and pretend that it isn’t there! I always get the feeling that people are afraid of things like this because they can’t be overcome or changed, it has to be all positive or it’s not allowed and this isn’t an attempt to be negative or call anyone out but I just can’t ignore something that exists and if you happen to have Autism and have never experienced anything negative in your life than I’m sorry but I don’t believe you! You must be the luckiest person on the planet otherwise!

You never read a story where someone had a negative start but overcame it and had a happy ending to it all? Isn’t that a wonderful feeling and don’t you feel happy for the person because they overcame hardships and achieved what they set out to do? I’m not a massive fan of being negative but if an issue comes about that isn’t always friendly, I’ll still mention it if it has a happy ending, like the incident with the Autistic Waiter in England 


A bad start to the story but it comes to a happy ending because his employees defend him and say he’s a fantastic worker, which was amazing, a great thing to read indeed, so what’s wrong with that…sure it had a negative start but by the end, it was all positive. I know that some people just don’t like negativity and could do without it and I accept that, you can’t please EVERYONE but sometimes you feel like you have to or be judged by some comment by someone from the other side of the planet, that’s just the world we live in now!

I sometimes feel like people can easily be offended nowadays but hey, maybe that’s how things always have been, we just have the internet now and can more easily express our opinions than before hand when we had little to no way to do that  and if your young I mean before the Internet came to be. Find a video, blog or tweet and chances are, someone didn’t like it and they’ll express it, not an attempt at a whine but I accepted long ago that no matter what I write, someone won’t like it if it sounds negative or false so I just didn’t mind anymore, I do what I do and won’t change that because someone disagrees with it, we just agree to disagree. Guarantee this will annoy someone out there because I sound negative….yawn you hear a few times and just aren’t bothered anymore…my blog, I can write what I want…don’t like it….don’t read.

I don’t always enjoy or agree with many blogs I read, doesn’t ruin my day though! Scroll or click off and move on with my day although I will admit if I feel really offended than I will say something but it has to be something REALLY bad for that to happen, Katie Hopkins or Britain First bad! Other than that, it’s just someone’s opinion and I can either agree or agree to disagree with it.

I love being positive but I just don’t like being told not to do something out of the blue, someone tells you to not do something because ‘they’ don’t like it and in some cases, they have a point but it’s still my choice, sorry I went off the path a bit with a bit of a ramble, it went on for a while, my bad!


By all means, I encourage being positive to everyone, it’s a wonderful thing, of course it is! All of my life I had wanted to be positive, happy and confident yet felt robbed of those chances time and time again as I grew but what bothers me are people who make it sound illegal to ever mention anything Negative because it upsets or offends people….I’m not going up to people screaming…..GET CURED! or anything, I happen to discuss something like. Being Social or overcoming odds in life and you get the odd comment about being negative yet I never said I myself was negative. Sure I had a rough childhood with not understanding what my Autism was but I worked hard at what I had and came a long way and still have so much to learn but I will not be told be people that I can’t ever mention anything ‘negative’ I’ll tell you here what I don’t ever want to support when it comes to Autism

  • Finding A Cure- This one….nothing needs curing so just stop acting like it does!
  • Autism $peaks- Doesn’t speak for me nor ever will!  
  • Bullying- I don’t accept bullying by anyone, it’s cowardly and I just don’t like it. 

I always enjoy feeling happy and positive and I always feel surprised when someone says I’m negative because I choose to write a few negative blogs about past experiences or views…I didn’t have the best childhood and I apologize for that….I think? You have what you have and not everyone can enjoy a care free childhood and get the high paying job, 1st degree in college and all that but I am happy with my life now, happier then I have ever been in fact but I can’t ignore my past because it made me feel strong enough to want to distance myself from it as much as possible and get to where I am today!

Maybe I can choose more positive things to talk about as well as what I do already! Maybe I'm just not 100% used to just doing that...it's like telling a frog to fly instead of swim, it makes no sense to me because I have had 80% negative growing up and now 20% positive which adds up to say 5-6 years of my life compared to the 20 years feeling unconfident and not able to do anything for myself, these things take time and one day, the positive will grow and get larger! Or I'll try at least...I just don't want it to be forced...you know.

Tell you what, if anyone felt somewhat that I was negative in this blog then let me know and we can talk about it, I’m always willing to listen and understand but remember, no offence is intended in this blog, it just amazes me how some people actually think I’m quite miserable….quite the opposite, I mean I’m getting married in a few months and am with my soul mate being able to live my life the way I want to…I’m very happy and I’ll admit I laugh a bit when someone says ‘BE MORE POSITIVE’ ‘Stop being negative’ etc I support spreading positive things about Autism, of course I do and always will but my past involves the badges I earned to get here, without those negative moments, I wouldn’t be as positive today! Ignoring all the negative things that happened to me would be ignoring a part of myself and to me…that doesn’t sound very positive, now does it?  I can’t ignore a part of me to please you…I just can’t do it or what was the point of everything I went through to be told I can’t ever mention it?

Have a good day!



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