Hey everyone, It’s The DailyPickMeUp and no, don’t be offended by the blue light bulb as my main picture, I just like the colour Blue! Very much so and feel somewhat annoyed that Autism $peaks is using it as a means to promote Autism Awareness this month…which begins in a few hours as it’s still March as I write this but I would so totally light it up blue…not for Autism Awareness, I just think a whole room lit up with blue sounds incredibly cool!


That’s cool! I’d light it up blue all year if I could ever be bothered to buy blue light bulbs! That and I doubt my fiance would be too happy with a blue lit house all of a sudden and yes, I love Blue that much…April will be hard for me because I can’t stand Autism $peaks yet love Blue! That’s just mean, deriving a man of his favourite colour! Won’t be buying any of course, never really had a want to ever do so but it just looks so cool!

So yeah, loving Blue isn’t always easy in April because Autism $peaks uses it as a method to sell stuff with their logos on! I won’t be lighting it up Blue for them this month, no sir! I don’t want to make them feel like they are achieving anything

It’s hard when you love Blue because that Light bulb just looks so cool…but I must stay strong…I’ve never needed a blue light bulb before so why do I suddenly want one now?  I must remember what Autism $peaks really does, they make Autism sound like an epidemic!

I found this on the Autism $peaks website regarding Autism Awareness Month 

Ultimately, you may feel a sense of acceptance. It’s helpful to distinguish between accepting that your child has been diagnosed with autism and accepting autism.”

This sentence encapsulates everything I once believed and thought about autism and my autistic child.  This idea is incredibly destructive and insidious in it’s seemingly benign wording, but it is anything but that.  If we separate out the person from their neurology, what do we have?  How do we do that?  What exactly does this mean?  This sentence from Autism Speaks is exactly what is wrong with the organization.  You cannot accept your child while NOT accepting their neurology.  It is not possible.  Yet this is exactly what I believed for many years to the detriment of my child’s well-being, to the detriment of her self-esteem, to the detriment of who and what she is.  But I didn’t know that.

Yeah, the only ones who benefit from Lighting It Up Blue are Autism $peaks themselves…or me if I ever buy some random ones and get a small room to light it up blue, not to benefit them….I just love Blue! Why couldn’t they have chosen Purple or Orange…why Blue 😦




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