Just my opinion this so take it with a pinch of salt! I keep going on about it everyday, I know! Because it’s so annoying to me that my favourite colour is being used in such a scandalous way! So many annoying ways to get to me but this was is just so annoying, it’s unbelievable! I love Blue and I hate the fact that you use the tag


‘Light It Up Blue’ Every April! Every April I see this and I cringe because I know what you use it for, the colour Blue that you use to sell your light bulbs and make it out like you’re doing a favor for people with Autism but you don’t, and you make it so hard for anyone that likes Blue, no…LOVES Blue! It’s my favourite colour and for one month of the year, it’s so hard to love it! I love Blue so much that April is becoming such a tough month because I know what the colour is being used for and it’s not a good thing as some might think.


Why Blue, you monsters, why did you ruin my favourite colour with your promotions and selling Blue Light bulbs?! Of all the colours you could have chosen, you had to choose that one! I know it’s a bit of a rant but what do you do if you like Blue…avoid buying anything Blue? Bit of an exaggeration but it’s probably just Blue light bulbs…and there goes my plans for a blue lit suite that I had, I could have pictured it as well, the lovely colour all over the place….would have been wonderful! stupid Autism $peaks! You just know how to annoy someone don’t you? I can picture the meeting that you had to decide this decision, you probably threw a dart at a board and happened to hit Blue….damn you! I could think of a different colour that you could use for your money-making! I won’t say the name of this colour…only that it rhymes with Boo! I apologise for my vulgarity but you don’t mess with Blue!

I’m sorry for a rant, I just annoys me how much this is promoted and made out to be so important, LIGHT IT UP BLUE! all over the place

Not just Light bulbs but anything you wear that is blue? I ain;t buying any shirts with your logos on or anything to do with you! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Only 30 Days until May! Remember Autism Awareness is important but I will not light anything up Blue…Blue is a  good colour! A wonderful colour…I won’t let your bad organization ruin it!


  1. I just want Autism Speak$, Autism One, Age of Autism, and their type to keep their greedy hands off our parents’ pocket books. For all those lies they’ve told about us, they don’t deserve a single penny. They’ve ruined America with all this bigotry, hate, ignorance, and lies. I thought America is a free country but NO! those people have to take away our rights as American citizens for their own greedy benefit. I’m so angry that we have to deal with this every year. Here is one thing I would like to say to them “We’ve had enough of your ignorance and LIES!”. It’s time to speak up snd say no to the ableism and cure culture. all we need is love and acceptance. we’re people not puzzles we don’t need a cure.

  2. It’s blue because autism was seen as a boys condition. Girls and women have been denied access to assessment and diagnosis for many years. Even in 2017 there are people who say autism is rare in girls.

    So yes they stole blue from you for one month a year.

    They stole understanding for me for 29 years of my life. And also put me in a massive autistic burnout trying to get my daughter assessed because even her first school said ‘she can’t be autistic’ and they failed to support her but were happy to help the boys who were going through ASD diagnostic assessment

    Sorry for the rant, but I used to love blue and now I hate it
    Purple is now my colour

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