Happy Autism Awareness Month!

Be nice! I’m not here to start trouble because I know no matter what, we won’t like how someone else chooses to promote Autism, e.g Autism $peaks. I will be honest that I do not support this group or anything that they stand for but will not slander anyone that does support them, that is your choice and right to do so!

Let us all remember that at the end of the day, no matter what we support or disagree with, we all still have Autism and that yesterday was World Autism Awareness Day and you either lit it up Blue or you didn’t! I did not do this and I have previously stated that I was angry with Autism $peaks for using the colour Blue and that was mainly because of how many other people react to it, saying that they refuse to wear or use Blue because it helps Autism $peaks out and for me, that tarnishes the colour and makes it hard for anyone who likes the colour to use it without being accused of supporting said group but I should be able to love Blue without someone accusing me of be a supporter of Autism $peaks! That is what my problem was, I couldn’t use Blue for anything without odd person ranting at me on how evil Autism $peaks, one person even sent me the link to that awful video and then your introduced to the group via countless blogs by others exclaiming how bad they are, so I write a blog of my own called What Is ”Autism Speaks”?

I’ve talked about the puzzle pieces and I’ve mentioned the use of Blue and by all means, if you love these things and support it then by all means do so, that is up to you and I support that, just because I don’t do it myself doesn’t mean that I would insult anyone that does! I still wander in the darkness, discovering all kinds of things about Autism that I feel like many others have had years more experience than I have, they know all the charities, what a Puzzle Piece represents and why a charity Lights It Up Blue every April! Up until the age of 24-25 I had never heard of any of these things, they existed and I had no idea.

I never celebrated nor acknowledged Autism Awareness in April for so many years because for a long time, I didn’t know anyone else with Autism and along the way up to today, I have said I don’t like Autism $peaks and I’ll admit, I still don’t and that’s my choice but I won’t slander or insult anyone that does but will say that I think it’s a shame how every April, we fight amongst one another in the comments sections on Facebook etc Agree to Disagree and don’t spread negativity amongst one another, we might not agree with each other on everything when it comes to Autism but let’s keep it peaceful and not force anyone to like something that they don’t want to. I am indifferent to the Puzzle Piece and choose to not associate Blue with Autism but that’s just me, if it works for you than that’s great 🙂 Go for it!  I couldn’t buy anything from Autism $peaks anyway, I don’t live in America!

Wouldn’t it be nice to one day just be able to get along, all of us! I mean at the end of the day, wouldn’t that be best, to feel like one united group instead of tiny little ones that constantly argue amongst one another about Autism because that is all I see anymore, Light it up Blue and Please do not light it up Blue but remember that we want the rest of the world to know what Autism is, to understand why we do what we do and to be more understanding and to make the world that little bit better for everyone, not argue over the use of a primary colour or the use of a puzzle piece because think about it….imagine if we didn’t have the awareness, if no one had any idea what Autism was and I know many people have said that Autism $peaks have called Autism an ‘epidemic’ and all that but should we not be happy that Autism has a month, day or week to be promoted and made more aware worldwide? We might not all agree on how certain individuals choose to support a certain charity or how they find it offensive but do we perhaps forget what is really important at the end of the day? Autism is nothing to be cured or wiped away but to be accepted and for life to be equal and just like everyone else’s! If I could help my child (Don’t have one yet) grow in a world where they would not have to go through what I did which was constantly not knowing where I was going next because I never had a single say in it than I will be happy!

Hopefully, as time goes on, it becomes more and more accepted by others who ‘get it’ many more do than I can ever remember when I was a child because when I grew up, no one knew what it was, I have noticed how that has changed in the last decade but we still have a ways to go all over the globe to get Autism recognized and accepted by everyone, not a few but EVERYONE! Do I support the use of Blue for Autism, nope but I won’t tarnish it if someone else chooses to either and I know if I still bought a Blue Light bulb or changed a picture to have blue over it, someone would be angry about that but why? Why lose the plot over what someone else does, does it really affect your life that much? Probably not but you think it does…I mean I live in Europe, I won’t rip my hair out if someone from Maryland decided to say how much they love Autism $peaks! Why would I?

However, I would like to wear a Blue shirt and not be slandered for it!


I have been told many times that I sound negative when I speak of Autism on my blogs well sometimes I feel like…with all these comments on what to use to promote Autism…the arguing and I have seen other people be threatened online because of it…CAN YOU BLAME ME? What is this? I grew up without any knowledge that any Autism group existed until I came across The National Autistic Society in Britain and with all of this drama every year over Autism Awareness, I’m starting to think that it was a good thing! I’m proud I have Autism now but once I wasn’t because I didn’t understand, I wasn’t ‘aware’ but many people without Autism or ‘NT’S’ as many call them showed me that I didn’t have to hide or feel bad and I grew in confidence and as I went along, met others with Autism and than found groups online and met others as well

I’m still new to all of this because I grew up without even knowing any of this existed, no awareness, no puzzle pieces, no arguments and it was hard yet I’m grateful that Autism Awareness has improved since I was a child and I hope it continues to get better, I might not agree with everything but I refuse to put anyone else down for having a different opinion to my own or anyone who disagrees with what I say, I won’t argue with you, I’ll just agree to disagree…I guess you can even say that this is my first Autism Awareness Month and if it’s this controversial, argumentative and heated than I don’t know, I just don’t see the benefits of ripping each other to shreds online will accomplish, just do your own thing and don’t bring anyone down because they don’t share your views and opinions on the use of a colour!

You can agree or disagree with what I have wrote here today, that’s your choice and I respect that but let’s keep it peaceful, ok? Do what you want to do when it comes to promoting Autism but don’t bring someone else down who has a different opinion to yours, that’s not what this is all about! We want to make the world a better place for the future, for the next generations, let’s be positive and if we disagree with someone, just agree to disagree and don’t let it escalate…I always enjoy learning something new about Autism every day but don’t enjoy how hostile things can get sometimes.

I don’t support Autism $peaks and never will but that’s my decision at the end of the day and I’m ok with that and I know that me saying I don’t support eon’t make some people happy because they do like them and I’m ok with that, that is there decision but I refuse to make someone who does feel bad because they do, if it works for them,then great! I’m all for their choice because it’s THEIR’S! not mine, I’d rather keep it peaceful and remember that at the end of the day, what’s important is to get more people aware of what Autism is before that leads to hopefully, acceptance and peace. Don’t mind me as I get all my blue tops back out!

Happy Autism Awareness Month People



  1. I always love reading your articles, Matthew! I feel like I learn quite a bit about the world of autism from you. I love your views on it and how you are always looking at the positive. Keep up the great work!

  2. Autism $peaks has told so many lies about us in the past 11 years. I have to say all tis bigotry, hate, fear-mongering, ignorance, discrimination and eugenics is getting old. All we need is love and acceptance, not all this hate we have to put up with thanks every single day. we’re people and we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We’re people, not puzzles , we don’t need a cure.

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