Death, the one thing that no one feels 100% comfortable discussing, I don’t care how you claim that it doesn’t bother you or scares you, deep down, it does and how can it not because no one knows what will happen once it is our turn to breath our final breathes in this world and depart to another plain or what ever happens afterwards!

I have always wondered about that time of live…the time your told that yours is about to end, you can only know the feeling once you are in that position, otherwise you can only guess how the person feels. Of course, others are affected as well, family members, friends etc

Someone that I know is sadly no longer for this world and I find myself in the position of a supporting role to someone who is very close to this individual and it can feel tricky because you want to do so much more than you actually can, especially when the situation hasn’t fully hit home yet! As in they have not yet accepted that this will really happen when the rest have and have prepared themselves for the worst.

You see, this person has had a habit of getting ill, a somewhat near to death experience countless times so the assumption that he would once again defy odds and pull through is not surprising, alas not this time, if he were a cat…he would have used his last life and now has to face the moment that all of us will one day face, when we have to die and leave this world once and for all!  I can understand why they think like that, I mean the man’s like a cat, he has so many lives and has survived all of this time yet it seems that now, time has caught up and is ready to pass by, a cruel mistress indeed is time but it will be here long after we are all in the ground.

A scary thought when your unsure as to what will actually happen next but we aren’t here to debate on the afterlife but how to comfort someone who is about to lose a loved one, what can you actually do to make them know that it will all be alright? Sounds tricky when someone’s life is slowly coming to an end and when the person you need to comfort hasn’t accepted it yet. You wait for the nail to fall and realization to hit home.

I feel scared sometimes that I won’t be able to be enough support for my partner, we are getting married this year and this news has sent my fiance into her shell, she just doesn’t feel herself at the moment and I understand, I just wish I could do so much more to make her feel ok again. I’m told I’m doing more than enough to support her but I want to do so much more to dry the tears away.

My partner has suffered aplenty so far in her life with the loss of both of her parents and being in a coma for a few years in her childhood, sounds like a Hollywood movie but it’s true and I don’t want her to feel all those bad feelings once again but I know it’s not preventable and I can’t do anything to stop it, I can just be there for her and always be there for her, a shoulder for her to cry on and a hug always!

Death is unavoidable sadly but we can always comfort those who are about to lose a loved one, let them know that it’s ok…you aren’t alone in this at all and their is always someone who will comfort you, make it all feel ok, even if it feels like it won’t and I know the feeling, I’ve lost people and have felt that things won’t be the same again but I know I’ll see them all again someday and I’ll have many stories to tell them and that comforts me.

Death isn’t a goodbye, it’s a see you soon!

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