Dear Blog

Today, I woke up into a world that was now without my fiances uncle in it and it felt rather strange that the sun would be shining in the sky, it didn’t feel like it was a day of enjoyment to be had. The day prior was a mixture of all 4 seasons into one day, that felt more appropriate after someone passing away really, I mean it was heavy winds, blistering rain and the odd ray of sunshine, it was mayhem but it fit the bill

My issue is how I can really support my girlfriend in this crisis as she has lost her father figure, well her uncle but her real father passed away many years ago, long before I came into her life, I never met them which was a shame but they died a decade before I even met her but now that her uncle has passed, it has deeply affected her and it has made the last week the strangest time in my entire life because the entire time I have known this family, they have always been looking after him as he has been ill for a long time yet know they have all the free time in the world, yet have no idea what to do with it, it’s heartbreaking.

I have always found myself to be incredibly lucky to have her at all, all the time I have people tell me that they think she is so beautiful and amazing and I feel grateful that I ended up with someone like her, it feels like a fluke sometimes but we love each other so much. I always try to up my game to impress her, even though she tells me that I don’t need to, she loves me for me.

Sure you diet, even though you have no need to, you will always be amazing to me and I remember your uncle once pleading for me to always look after you and I swore that I would! You have no need to diet, if anything I do! I jog 6 miles 3 times a week and do all sorts and have some way to go but I do it for you, all the pain I go through is so you’ll smile, it’s worth it just to see it.

With the funeral coming up, she is also starting her new job next week and feels even more pressured than ever before to not let this affect her but I feel like it hasn’t completely sunk in yet that he is no longer a part of this world, what’s a boyfriend to do to make the pain go away?

Once this is all over, it’s back to focusing on August and the wedding, back to the 6 mile jogs to get my body into shape before I marry her and we jet off to Japan for the honeymoon! The food looks amazing and it’s quite healthy as well, Ramen and Fish galore! Remember that I have waited over 1,000 days to marry you…since I was a Uni Student, I have prepared and planned for our day!

R.I.P Good Sir, you were an amazing man, I will always look after her!

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