Dear Blog

It’s been once of those days today! I decide to go for a 6 mile jog early this morning because it was a nice, sunny day so why not? Maybe it was too good to be true for me today though because my run that took 47:56 minutes was held up by road works in the middle of nowhere, a car running over a Pheasant (I’ll be having nightmares tonight)  getting stuck behind a slower jogger and couldn’t get past her because of passing by cars! Was very frustrating indeed, that and my leg was playing up on the way back, not a good run…although the time wasn’t half bad!

I learnt when the funeral was going to be as well which was a downer but it had to happen so I wasn’t to down when I found out, it just feels weird knowing that someone I saw alive this week is no longer here, it’s happened far to quickly for my liking but I need to remember that he’s no longer in pain, that’s what matters! He’s a peace now and soon enough, the rest of us will be as well.

Emma starts her new job soon so it’ll be weird not having her around as much from Monday-Friday but we’ll have the weekends and the evenings to spend time with each other but for me at the moment, too much is changing too quickly, everything just needs to slow down a bit so I can catch up!

I need a relaxing weekend after all of this!


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