Dear Blog

It’s the weekend! And it’s been a right messed up day today for us both, oh boy… just got back home for the first time since I left at 7 am this morning! Lucky Mrs gets to sleep in! What a day to remember though for us both! After a very early shift at work, I rushed back home and got changed into the football fan clothes before dashing to the station with the Mrs so we could board the train to go to see Huddersfield take on Hull in a Yorkshire Derby or that’s what they called it anyway!

Train or Bus?

It was our first trip out ever since the sad passing away of Emma’s uncle and it was clear that it wasn’t easy for her today, I saw the odd tears down her face during the day so I did my utmost best to make her smile throughout the day! We arrived in West Yorkshire and set about getting some lunch and here’s where things got weird because Emma wanted to try a Whopper from Burger King but not any Whopper, it was called the Angriest Whopper


Why she would want to torture herself with something like this, I’ll never know but never the less, I wasn’t going to say no but thankfully for me, the queue at Burger King was very long, I dodged that bullet for now but she’ll try again! So instead, we went a Mexican place instead but the people who worked their were kids…who were on their phones! The manager had to tell them to get to work, was a bit bewildering really! The guy who made my Quesadilla kind of did it wrong as it fell apart rather quickly but I was too polite to say anything, I assumed he was new and left it at that or rather I had to do that as all of a sudden, the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building! Ok then!

Eventually, after that fiasco, we went to the stadium amongst the fans and watched quite a good game of football, although the referee was a joke, it ended 2-2 so can’t argue with that, a draw is better than a loss I guess but come on man, you were quite bias and you didn’t hide it at all! Kind of makes you think that anyone could become a referee if they really wanted to! Emma seemed to cheer up but had moments where she couldn’t help but cry over the loss of her uncle which was hard, yet we still have a week until the funeral but hopefully her new job will keep her busy for the meanwhile.

On the way back to the train station, we saw a sudden fight break out in the streets that broke out randomly because of a shove from a fan to another that led a random civilian trying to break it up, closely followed by police officers, thankfully no one was hurt but it could have gotten nasty if no one stepped in!  You have to be careful sometimes, you just don’t know what can happen on the streets! Also it snowed and rain…seriously, the weather is confused this week!

Right, time to watch Britain’s Got Talent and see this sword guy that everyone is raving about online! It can’t be that scary…right?

Have a good one everyone!

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