Dear Blog

Today was a beautiful day! as the days get closer to the funeral though and Emma prepares for her new job, I couldn’t help but feel like this was the last day of life as it is right now because tomorrow, a big change will be there with Emma being out for most of the day now and it’s strange when you know it’s not far off!

I said yesterday that Emma would try and get her hands on the Angriest Whopper from Burger King and as she went out for a coffee with her aunt, the plan was put in place, so I went for a 2 mile jog before hand to get myself hungry! I love a good jog on a sunny day, adds to the scenery and atmosphere as you run. It’s always nice to pass other people who are going for a run or a cycle, makes me feel that bit more normal when you see others doing the same thing as well! With 4 months until the wedding, I have to do my best and get into proper shape for Emma, that’s my motivation and I’ll know I’ll succeed….I know I had a burger today but I very rarely go to Burger King…to expensive!


Angry Whopper??? Should be renamed the ‘Slightly Ticked Off Whopper’  it wasn’t anywhere near as spicy as I was lead to believe, in fact the only thing I would say was hot at all was the Jalapenos, that’s it! Over hype on another product but I was amused by the red bun. I’m not normally a fan of tomatoes or salad but I kept them on and I despise onions but again, left them on as I wanted the full experience and to my surprise, they were all really good! I am terrible with spicy foods and can’t really handle them yet I was able to eat this quite easily! Says a lot about the item if you ask me!

Emma seems a bit more cheered up today and she even thanked me for trying to cheer her up yesterday, that meant a lot and made me feel less insecure about not seeing her as much during the day now but we’ll adjust and get used to it, we have the evenings and weekends to spend plenty of time with each other!

It’s been a good weekend but alas, the weekdays arrive back with Monday tomorrow, Emma starts her new job and we see how it all goes by the evening, how we both feel about it all, a week before the funeral but this is life!



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