Dear Blog

Well today was crazy! Emma started her new job and I thought I wouldn’t see her all day but as I finished my work for the day, I saw a text on my phone telling me to go to the bus station to meet her before she set off to her new work place for the first time (I wasn’t expecting to see her until 7 pm) she decided to get a later bus which is fair enough, I could tell she was very nervous so I thought I’d take her mind off it by being my normal ‘cheeky’ self which sort of work as she smiled and giggled a little bit, I just wanted to make her feel happier before she set off which I think I was successful in!

I found out just how much more free time I have without Emma around in the afternoon when I was able to do this by the end of the day…


The recommended steps per day is 10,000 so 40,000 is pretty cool! I ran a 6 mile jog in the afternoon and walked about various places in town as well as getting household chores done which was fun (sarcasm) after having Emma teach me how various appliances work like the grill and dishwasher like where the tablet goes (I’m learning) ha ha most of them are fairly new and I still need to get a hang of them…moving from electric things from gas is hard when your so used to one but I’ll get more confident as time goes on! I can use most of them, I just don’t feel confident doing so.

At the end of the day, I went to pick up Emma from the bus station as she was to catch the last bus of the day from her workplace but as 7pm rolled on, she still hadn’t arrived…the bus hadn’t picked her up yet and her phone had 5% life left on it so I couldn’t ask her what was going on but she was worried and scared and that made me panic greatly! What if she was to be stranded there? I had alternative methods of getting to her but eventually and to my great relief, the bus finally arrived 30 minutes late, due to road works…typical!

She loves her new workplace and over time, she’ll get more confident, as will I but as for right now…it’s a process we are getting used to really and we’ll get there….and we still have the funeral to come a week from today…so much going on, so much change, one day we’ll look back and see just how much this period made us stronger as people!

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