Hello everyone, it’s your DailyPickMeUp and today, we are just about half way through Autism Awareness Month 2016 and to be honest, it hasn’t felt any different to any other month of the year, life goes on as normal as it always will, long after we have all gone, it will keep on going and will never stop, even after the Human Race is gone.

I think the main issue I have seen with Autism Awareness Month is one that really shouldn’t be, it bewilders me as to what could or should be more important when it comes to making Autism more accepted worldwide…instead it’s the use of this


I always get the vibe that because Autism $peaks heavily promotes the use of Blue #Lightitupblue for example amongst other methods, it has deeply upset many on the spectrum, although some don’t mind at all and love it, or they light it up blue but not for the charity!

Including myself, I have seen many question why charities and others use the colour Blue, a colour mainly associated with males as a means to promote Autism Awareness Month every single month and I asked myself ‘Does it really matter?’ I mean, does it really matter that much? No because no matter what they used to promote, someone would have had a problem with it…we always do. It’s a colour that is used by many other organisations and people for other means all year round and you don’t hear people complain about that but I know what the problem is for it though, Autism $peaks makes profit from it all, I know…I’ve read it all over the internet and on other blogs which I don’t agree with at all.

Does it all really matter? I don’t mean to sound like I don’t care or anything but for me, life means much more and Autism $peaks, at the end of the day…you using Blue doesn’t really bother me… it did once but I’ve had a think since and Blue has existed long before you ever did and will long after your gone! I like Blue because it is an awesome colour, I don’t associate it with April or Autism Awareness Month at all because I don’t want to nor do I need to.


Same for a cure for Autism…everywhere, you can find people questioning it or putting anyone down for daring to ever mention the word ‘cure’ because the majority will say that nothing needs curing, me included and many will say that vaccines cause Autism…moving on, you can find so many different stories that it’s hard to decide what you should believe and what to disagree with. Everyone losing the plot online, getting incredibly offended over someone else’s opinion, for various reasons and to be fair, I don’t blame you, I have seen a lot of silly things in the last year that are incredibly offensive. Is it possible to write something without someone taking it the wrong way? I honestly don’t know anymore!

All the studies, research into Autism gets tiresome sometimes…if I never went online, I guarantee I would never hear about Autism…I only ever hear about it on the internet as of right now…only barely do I see it on Television and that’s only because of a TV series about it in the UK at the moment. Apart from that, not a peep about it.

I believe in positivity and life for people with Autism being like everyone else’s with equal and fair opportunities for jobs, marriage and making friends, I mean I never really bothered with any of this stuff growing up and didn’t have that many problems yet when you go online, it’s like a Colosseum…someone’s going to be slaughtered for something, guaranteed. Someone will always say something that goes against what many believe in and will cause an argument or will annoy people too much with what they think everyone should do or not do, rules are to be followed but many will choose to not do so and that will go against things which I understand, if you can’t follow a rule than you only have yourself to blame!

At the same time, you can do what you want, fight for what you believe in and live your life how you want to, it’s yours after all! Why let anyone else tell you how to live it or what to do, at the end of the day, isn’t the final decision yours? Well at a certain age anyway, when your younger…do as your told and listen to your parents!

As far as I’m concerned in this life, we are born

  • Go to school
  • Grow Up
  • Go to college or get a job
  • Move out of Parents
  • Get Married
  • Have Children
  • Grow Old
  • Retire
  • Die

Or that’s what I was taught at school as the general life cycle of the Human Populace, of course it doesn’t apply to EVERYONE for many reasons but I always found it funny how your life was just mapped out on a single blackboard. Kind of how when I was diagnosed with Autism, all I was told was this

  • Struggle Socially
  • Never go to college
  • Never get a job
  • Never move out of Parents
  • Never get married

Why do we like to map things out so much? Remember when life was simple? When you didn’t have to worry about so much everyday, like not offending anyone or other life problems you seem to get the minute your old enough to accept such responsibilities, remember this kids…if your thinking that you can’t wait to finish school…trust me, in a few years, you’ll wish you were right back there!

I was asked a question recently like this

‘Was life easier when you didn’t know you had Autism?’ 

Honestly, I don’t know now because I remember as a kid never having any real issues at all, they came when I was a teen and were gone by the time I was an adult so I didn’t know how to answer, Autism for me was always there but didn’t play a major factor of my childhood, it made life harder once I found out but mostly because of how OTHERS took to it so in a way, yes it was easier when I didn’t know but only because of how others treated me so that’s a problem for me because of how other people treated me, how things changed because of it…that shouldn’t have happened yet it did.

What’s April supposed to be about again?


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