Today is a bit of a personal blog, mainly because it is written just after the blogger has been to a funeral and after an amazing experience that touched the hearts of many, more than we expected but the questions as to how anyone really says goodbye to someone who is no longer amongst the living. That question has always played on me because Death is shrouded in mystery…mainly because no one has a 100% answer to what actually happens once you die and you only way anyone will ever find out is by actually passing away out of this life. Scary, right? Although it’s the one thing that 100% of Humans and everything have in common, one day we will all die.

Sounds sad but it is true, and once that happens…well like I’ve said, no one knows what happens once you draw that final breath and pass away. One thing that many focus on when it comes to final goodbyes is the ones said by loved ones but what about the ones that do die? Saying goodbye and all that..I can’t imagine what it must be like if you know your time is coming to an end but once again, it is only something we can truly experience when that time comes.


In graveyards and such, you can find stone statues of angels and cherubs and it’s like a message that of course you go to another life after death, up in the skies called Heaven or the other one that many do not really mention during a funeral for obvious reasons but we’ll say it here, Hell. We never mention Hell because no one wants to imagine that the person that has died could ever go there and I understand that, of course…no one wants to go to a funeral and be told that their loved one is in eternal torment and suffering! We remember the good times and how that person made us feel happy so when we do let go and say goodbye, it’s for all the good memories that we have and how we feel thankful that we knew that person and how they made an impact on our lives.

But how do you really say goodbye to someone? I mean goodbye is a strong word to use! For me, a real goodbye is when you feel like you might not ever see that person again, like you’ve come to a conclusion that you will not be seeing this person in this life anymore. For example, if you move to the other side of the planet from the person, it would be a good idea to say something like goodbye in case you never see them in person again! Sure we have Skype, Facebook and face time in this day and age but sometimes, a meeting in person is so much more personally and meaningful than seeing somebody through a screen.

The lack of being able to talk to someone anymore, not seeing their smiles or emotions anymore…nothing, all we have left are possessions and photos of the past and for some, it’s too much to bear. Sometimes, a headstone just isn’t enough but if it’s all you have it means everything…I’ve seen people talk to gravestones like they are people and there is nothing wrong with it if it helps! To feel like you can still communicate with your loved one is something that must never be given up.

For anyone that believes in the afterlife, can they really say goodbye as if it’s the last time they will ever meet or is it more like goodbye for now but we will meet again? Perhaps it’s how the word goodbye stands by you and what it means to you as an individual when you say it. Can’t speak for everyone with how they say goodbye to someone and if they mean it as a goodbye forever or a goodbye for now or maybe they use both, who knows but when it comes to a funeral and you see that coffin, you have that one chance to say your farewells, do you say goodbye for ever or goodbye for the time being?

Truth is, that you really don’t ever say goodbye to someone when they die, it’s never goodbye…it’s more like a see you later!

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