Today is a weird one for me because it has never happened to me before and I wasn’t sure how to react to it! Another person told me that I had Autism! I didn’t say a word to him about it at all before hand, yet he was able to guess that I had it!

He was able to tell that I had Autism…just by looking at me. We had never met before hand and I had never heard of him until today, yet after one moment or two, he was someone able to have some understanding that  had Autism, how is that possible? I wasn’t quiet or keeping to myself or anything like that so I am clueless as to how he was able to suss something like that!

As far as I’m aware…Autism isn’t visible to the naked eye, it’s not something that can be seen on the outside by anyone…so for someone who has just met you to say it so calmly was bewildering, obscene and a little scary because if he could see it, could others…they just weren’t ever saying anything?

I’m very confused as to how he was able to do that, just by looking at me no less! I did ask him later on how he was able to tell and it turns out he was a teacher, so I guess that means he’s just had experience with various students over the years and must have come across many with Autism, their must be some sort of sign that some people just give without even realising it, maybe I wasn’t giving him eye contact, I can’t remember but that’s all I can think of it being…I mean the majority of people can’t tell that I have Autism and up to this blog…only 2 people have ever guessed that I have Autism…well without me telling them anyway!

Have you ever just had someone know that you have Autism without you having to say anything? It just seemed weird that someone was able to just know! I honestly thought that it was well hidden, the only way someone might know is if I had a meltdown or if I actually told them!

Weird experience indeed but it was a positive one because no one minded at all, I felt more relaxed and made some new friends as well, good day really.

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