118 Days Until Wedding

Dear Blog

It has been 6 days since the funeral and things feel like they are slowly returning to normal for us but a small feeling of emptiness remains for us all as Emma’s uncle is now gone and we all must move on with our lives now but for some, that will be easier said than done but the last few weeks have been the strangest weeks I can remember happening in my life.

The turnout for the funeral was amazing, more than we could ever imagine as so many people that knew the man through his life turned up, a massive turnout indeed and I also got to meet the rest of Emma’s family so that was good, they all really seemed to like me which was a relief. Emma broke down in tears at the end of the ceremony and the hug she gave me…she admitted it was because of the song they chose to play, which was her uncle’s favourite one.

My fiance starting her new job as well was a massive change as our daily routines changed massively as well, her uncles passing happening around the same time made April a very confusing month, a life changing one in fact. I am proud of my love slowly climbing the work ladder and gaining more confidence in herself along the way! It’s good for the both of us as we approach that date in August as we hope that everything goes well along the way because we have both of our birthdays coming up in June and July and rehearsals for the big day as well so once April ends, it’s all cylinders go up to mid August, should be interesting

I continue going on my long jogs every week and as I time myself, I notice that I am slightly taking less time to finish them each few weeks as the times get better by up to ten seconds or even a minute sometimes which is good so I guess I should look to expand and think of even longer runs to attempt once summer arrives and see what I can do. Only have a few months to stay in shape until the big day, yet I will continue to keep running for many years afterwards as well because I love to run…maybe I should buy a bike again someday as well?

All I can say now is, Bring on May and let’s put April far behind us because too much change has happened in it for my liking! I don’t mind change but too much at once is too much to handle.

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