This blog is called Autism- The Drama because it is all about people with Autism discussing matters regarding Autism in group conversations and what I have seen quite a lot over a big period of time, a familiar pattern can tend to happen all over sometimes and it’s not just with Autism but the majority of conversations online can lead to this and what I’m talking about is of course, Drama. 

How often when you go onto a page regarding Autism to seek help for an issue in your life that you come across a conversation about something like say…’Vaccines cause Autism’ and the comment section is on fire with disgust and outrage and you casually scroll past it because you won’t put that with a 60 ft pole

Sometimes you will just happen to come across some kind of controversial conversation regarding Autism occurring somewhere online and most of the time, I ignore them or don’t comment on any of them but the last few days, I have decided to pay close attention to some, just to see how intense some actually get and…wow, I will tell you here and now that some people just can’t let things go by or move on from them. You have so many people defending what they believe and when someone doesn’t agree, all out war often breaks out and sometimes, it can get really nasty.

Not to start anything but don’t you ever think that we get way too easily offended nowadays? It just seems that NO matter what you say, someone will find something wrong with it and will object which I know they have a right to do so but it can be one of those things that makes you wonder why you bother saying anything in the first place because someone will just find something wrong with it, what happened?

Everyone has a right to say what they want, that much is a given! It is up to the admins of a group whether a user violates the rules of the group and if such does happen, then they have every right to warn or even ban the person in question for violating the rules that they set out. No matter what people say, you will not have 100% positive feedback and I really am not bothered if someone moans about it because you know it will happen, so why be afraid of it?

Of course that some things are obviously things that shouldn’t be said, like Vaccines cause Autism because it isn’t 100% proven yet I see some people shoving it down our throats and when people ask for them to not do that, they get mocked and insulted for it. It’s an endless cycle that makes you wonder why you bother even going on the internet anyway…I mean, why on Earth would you bother when all you will get is someone talking down to you like your stupid because you have an opinion.

Why do people get so angry and sometimes even threatening in a conversation in a thread or on Facebook, everyone has a right to speak their minds, right? Yet everyone has a right to not agree as well which leads to more arguing because most of the time, a compromise is not reached and this is where it comes down to admins to put a halt before things get too serious. Your damned for saying what you think and damned for being upset by something that someone else thinks and that’s pretty much it…no matter what you post or believe in, someone will disagree with you and it is up to you as a person whether you can let it go or say something in response.

Just do what you want, you will anyway.  Just like I’ll write this blog pretty much summing up what it’s like using the Internet, complete Drama.



  1. My goodness. This has been my biggest problem this month, especially since it’s Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month. I get upset over posts supporting Autism Speaks, and I’ve had to learn to just not get involved because it stresses me out. The two sides are polar opposites so they are not understanding each other… I hope they will someday.

    Really, getting involved in anything controversial is stressful. I used to not bother with it, but I have been more so over time and it’s affecting my mental health. I sometimes just wanna pull the plug on the Internet cuz of it. 😛

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