This is disgusting, such a disgusting thing to behold in this world in the last 24 hours but alas, stuff like this happens and it angers me so much that people do this…for fun! I don’t know if you happen to see this on your main page or Twitter feeds but in the last day, people were sharing a post made by a new deactivated page by a Joanna Constantine so don’t bother looking for it, it’s gone that pretty much is all for insulting people with Autism, a Facebook post appeared where someone claiming to be called Joanna Constantine began to abuse and insult people with Autism pretty much stating that

”Can’t stand autistic people. Loud and scary, do your shopping online you weirdos”

Ryanair received many tweets and posts regarding the matter but this was the response that they gave to every single one

This is a fake account, which has since been taken down, and the individual responsible has no association with this airline.

I saw that response on many people’s tweets, asking RyanAir just what was going on and this was the same response on all of them! Is that the truth or has this worker just been taken to the side and told to deactivate her account? Who knows but a picture of a worker that appears to be in uniform is suspicious although many haven taken RyanAir’s word and moved on but if it is true and that this account was indeed a fake, it just shows how twisted some people can really be, to make an account like that for the sole purpose of abuse and insults, a lot of bored people if that’s the case that have nothing better to do than insult as many people as they can for there own sick entertainment

It’s easy to look past this and ignore it, don’t give this person the satisfaction that they have ruined your day with their hatred and unkindness but it is just disappointing that you can still come across so many unprovoked posts like the one in question, it’s the one’s that are done on purpose to upset people that annoy me so much, nothing is brought about to make them appear, they are done by the user’s choice and in the year, 2016…you can still find people with so much hate inside of them, you wonder why you have any faith in the Human Race when 1 in a thousand can do something like this. This is the third hate filled Autism post I have seen in 2016 and it’s April!

You see people who talk about cures and how Autism is an epidemic…stuff like that, we deal with on a daily occurrence but something like this…where someone goes out of there way, just to purposely insult and mock people with Autism is just so frustrating because I just can’t ignore it…because they go so out of the way to do it and despite pleas for an act of compassion, the users just continue and laugh all the way….the worst thing though is when people support them! You will see them get likes and mocking support from a small group of people who keep their true opinions to themselves unless someone does something like a hateful post, then the truth often comes out like ‘I’ve always thought this, glad I’m not alone’  

I will admit that stuff like this gets to me when it probably shouldn’t because that’s what they want but I just don’t believe that ignoring stuff like this will be any better than trying to do something about it, I’m pretty sure as a species, humans… we didn’t get where we are today by ignoring stuff that we didn’t agree with throughout history.

Despite this, we know these kind of things will continue because some people think it’s funny and while it has annoyed me, it will not ruin my day, not at all! Keep calm and carry on, you know how it works! I can only wish for a world where stuff like this just doesn’t happen for the sole purpose of amusement someday, to do it because it’s your opinion is one thing but to do something like this ON PURPOSE because you enjoy insulting people….makes me wonder how some people sleep at night and where their lives went so wrong!

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