Greetings everyone and welcome to the end of April 2016, yet another conclusion to another Autism Awareness Month, well just about anyway, I know we still have another day at least! This might just be me but April has been a very different month but not because of Autism Awareness, that much has been the same as it always has been but then again, I don’t think many people in my area really bother that much with not understanding or understanding what Autism is.

For me, the majority don’t know that I have Autism, unless they are told by myself or are well trained for spotting such a thing so as of right now, I’m not really involved in a world where I feel neglected, disrespected because of my Autism but from what I read all over Facebook or on other blogs is that many others are in a far worse place than I am but I often wonder why that is because when I was a teen, I felt like life was an incredibly harsh and unfair place for someone like me.

Basically, I know this blog will annoy someone and just for the record, I really don’t care today because let’s face it, something will grind your grill and you’ll act all high and mighty over it because your day’s been ruined because of some guy’s opinion on the other side of the globe, it happens every day, get over it! Or don’t read, you could always just do that…ever considered that as an option? Might make the internet feel less of a snake pit if people just don’t read something that they know will offend them. All April, I have seen people constantly get offended by something and then spend DAYS arguing over it, like they’ll win something if they can prove their point or something. The link between Mercury and Autism or something….whatever, not my thing because I don’t really care what causes Autism, why should I? I have it and I know I’ll never not have it so why would the cause suddenly interest me so much? In case my children get it? That’s another matter for the future but I know people on the internet argue over opinions but this April, I feel like Autism Awareness should be renamed, Autism Rumble Month because that’s all April has felt like really, A rumble where people have spent 30 Days arguing over the colour Blue and the use of it…Some want to light it up, so what?

Why get so upset because one person in Berlin doesn’t support Light it up Blue but one person in Chicago, Illinois does?  Yet, people get so angry over it and it baffles the mind because we have over 7 billion people on the planet, surely you can’t be sat at home, thinking that every single person with Autism does the same thing as you! Newsflash, they don’t!

I was always under the impression that online groups were meant to be a safe haven, a place where you can ask for advice over life’s problems and feel secure knowing that you are talking to people who could relate or have experience but no, it’s always

  • Don’t support Autism $peaks
  • Don’t light it up Blue
  • Don’t mention curing Autism
  • Don’t call Autism a disease

Of course, this is not every group, but you can find places that have people just do all of these things and people get offended and leave, many of which I have witnessed just this week alone and I know, that’s just what the internet does but why is it that I can’t feel comfortable or confident going onto a Facebook Group about Autism and not have my ear deafened by someone who has to disagree with an opinion, I get that not everyone will agree but do people have to go so far to argue with it that it feels like I’m in court over saying that I don’t want to Light It Up Blue, that’s my choice so why should you get to change that?

This month, all I have seen is groups of communities tear into each other over the use of a colour, how Autism is caused….I know, I couldn’t believe that one either and even someone be called a traitor to Autism and I’m just sat here like ‘Boy, we are a touchy bunch’ All I see are some people get offended because someone has an opinion, however if on a group, they have stated in the rules that you aren’t allowed to bring something up then I understand that but the rules aren’t the same for every group and I think that some people forget that sometimes.

Without being brought in a place where a charity like Autism $peaks exists, I feel like I have actually grown up in a nice way because I’ve never really bothered about thinking about cures for Autism or causes, I didn’t care because I had more important things to do…like live my life! I have Autism, that’s all that matters to me and I make things happen for myself by overcoming my fears and the odds every day to live! My family didn’t know much about it, neither did my school and at a time, it was tough but when I was able to make decisions for myself, it didn’t take me long to put wrongs to bed and make a better life for myself.

Maybe I am just lucky on how things turned out for me, that I don’t need to be looked after in life and can take care of myself, that I believe in myself and will continue to do so. I know that others have it a lot more harder than I do and that life is difficult. Some will be able to live a normal life and others won’t but the problem is when people assume that everyone with Autism is the same when they aren’t.

Regardless of how much better and calmer things would be if everyone didn’t blow their volcano tops every single time that someone had an opinion over something, I know that it won’t change, people rely on their opinions and think they are right 100% of the time that they get all high and mighty, won’t back down to a stranger on a computer and you wonder why things are the way they are, because all we do is bicker and abuse each other over the internet over trivial things. Not everyone will agree with your opinion and if you can’t accept that, then….I don’t know but for me, life means way too much to get so upset because someone questions something that I do, I’ll keep doing it regardless.

Good Day Everyone


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  1. I started blogging one year ago about my son. I was blown away by the “divide” in the autism community. I didn’t know it existed. I try to respect everyone’s opinions and learn from people.

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