Warning- Opinions in this blog are the bloggers only and are not meant to be taken as fact so he advises that if not shared then take with a grain of salt. More to life than getting upset over a strangers opinion if you ask me. But he hopes you enjoy reading the blog regardless. 



Happy May everyone! Autism Awareness Month has come and gone and well…I feel somewhat relieved because all I saw during that entire month was argument after argument over the silliest of things and for me, that is not what the month should be all about. Personally, I saw more people with Autism arguing with each other so much that it didn’t feel like it was a month to make other people become more aware and understanding of what we have but a month to remind ourselves that we need to be united and together in order for that to happen.

If a football team spent all season arguing with each other, it would be relegated! I just feel that in this community, a great divide exists as to how people should look at Autism and how we should be viewed and treated by others. Personally, I earn people’s respect by working hard and living my life to the full, I don’t need sympathy and for others to have to be nice to me because of what I have, I would actually hate that, however I know that others would need that reassurance that it’s going to be ok and that’s understandable, we are all the same and not all the same circumstances apply to everyone.

When you read a post or comment by someone with Autism, you can’t always look at it the exact same way because chances are, they will be in a better or worse place than yourself so you can’t treat it like you would if it was you in the shoes that they are wearing which isn’t always easy because it can lead to many not understanding the plight of the person and can lead to insults and other means such as blocking. If someone posts that vaccines causes Autism than chances are that 9/10 will be outraged and will demand blood, along with a week long argument that gets a bit childish after the first two days and resorts to petty insults that ultimately gets nowhere.

Things will not get better if we spend all of our time abusing and insulting one another online because of controversial opinions and statements every single day yet that is what happens at this current time, not everyone of course but a noticeable amount do nothing but slander and insult anyone that dares to have an opinion which can lead to blocks, leaving groups and really long and emotional posts about how unfair everything is but no doubt that this blog will annoy someone because I dare mention the mess that everything seems to be in. It would be a dream to have a place where most people could just ignore such things and not get so riled up by them but we always believe that we have the right to complain and not back down but for me, it solves nothing, you’ll just argue with someone and the world will remain the same afterwards…don’t you feel proud, you stood up to some random person you’ll never meet in real life from Russia, you get a cookie! Point being, despite all of these so called fights and tantrums online, Autism is still viewed the same that is was at the start, you haven’t changed anything or made the world a better place by mentioning a cure for Autism or telling that person to bugger off for saying it like it’s fact.

The reason that so many people so angry over most posts is because Autism is different for everyone and while some will like what you say, some might not because it goes against what they have to deal with and they feel like it’s an attack, even if you wrote a blog saying so many positive things regarding Autism, someone will be offended because for them, nothing has been positive and life is a nightmare for them. More than likely, a post with every aspect of Autism would take weeks to write and hours to read through!

I see loads of helpful and positive posts everyday which are inspiring and amazing which is what it should be all about! Showing the world special moments and that we can do anything if we put our minds to it yet as usual, you will find that occasional post that makes you roll your eyes and wonder what happened to that person to make them seem so angry and full of hate. Maybe I look at it that way because I always compare it to how things are for me and that in reality, I never had that many struggles and have overcome the majority by myself because of my own self belief so when you read someone else saying that they have no friends, are depressed, have no job, want to kill themselves, I can sort of understand but ultimately, it does not relate to me so I don’t always comment because I fear they would take my comment as a means of bragging and will get annoyed.

We all have stories and have had things happen to us, we were all diagnosed at different times and have achieved and failed but for that goal of ultimate acceptance and equality, it is still an age away. We argue over the cause of Autism, whether a cure is needed (SPOILER, IT ISN’T) yet even with that, you’ll find someone telling you that your scared of the truth! and we argue over other people telling us how easy it can be to live with Autism if you actually try and don’t use it as an excuse because you want sympathy. Point being, with some issues at hand regarding Autism, it looks very tricky to be able to overcome because the majority refuse to think about a cure because they have nothing to cure in the first place because Autism is not a disease or an epidemic!

End of the day, I think it would be great if this so called Divide could get a little more smaller and we realise what it is that we really want at the end of the day, a better life and to be treated with the same respect that anyone else would get because…just because you can’t see Autism doesn’t mean that we are an annoying nuisance who is making it up, we have feelings, hopes and dreams but feel hindered by the misunderstanding of others and what we want is to be able to live our lives without discrimination because we might be quiet, not want to socialise or look you in the eye. We want our children to be able to grow up in a world where they can grow, learn and develop without being made fun of for having a meltdown in class or the playground, with understanding, that can be avoided, that’s what we should want, understanding for others and ourselves.


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