Have you ever wondered if you are quite the sarcastic person in life? Do you often come back with some sarcastic quip in a conversation? I feel that I am quite sarcastic really, very in fact…it’s crazy because I never really made such a big deal out of it before now because I just assumed that most people with Autism were sarcastic…that’s because I have met a couple of others who I found to be quite sarcastic around me but I am aware that many will not be able to tell if someone is or not sarcastic, it varies.

Many people around the planet have Autism so I know that many may not be sarcastic but the ones that I have found that are… can be really fantastic at it and sound like pros which is odd because I never considered Sarcasm a talent. However, many people assume that someone with Autism can’t understand Sarcasm which is a common misconception in my book.

When I was young, I often couldn’t understand a joke or if someone was being serious or not and people would have to tell me if they were being or not which was annoying after a while because I thought I would just…grow into it which didn’t really happen. As I got a bit older though, I found that I myself was quite the sarcastic individual and that I was able to tell if someone was sarcastic or not. I don’t know how it happened, maybe I was just able to pick up on it through constant attempts at trying to succeed or maybe it’s when I just stopped thinking about it, I don’t know but if you can’t pick up on such things, that doesn’t mean your stupid at all! Honestly, you see such harsh images regarding people who can’t understand jokes or sarcasm as stupid which isn’t true at all!

I did find this response online when someone must have asked the same question, so I’m glad I am not the only one to think of this question, although I would have been shocked if I was the only one! This is what I found.

”On the other hand, some people with autism can out-sarcastic you any day of the week 😉 At some points on that spectrum, the common difficulty autistics have with taking things literally and struggling to read tone well means that sarcasm is something they don’t get”. via Google

I agree that I can’t always tell if someone is just joking around with me and chances are, I will give you a somewhat sarcastic response, I don’t know why…I just enjoy doing it! It’s like a defense mechanism for myself or something, if I feel trapped, I’ll be sarcastic and rub off the situation if I can but I will sometimes do this without thinking about it because it’s natural yet many will not be able to do this and will struggle in a situation like a conversation.

One thing to understand people that if someone with Autism doesn’t get your joke or if your being serious, is that you need to have some patience and might have to explain it to them…it’s not that hard if you understand and know that they want to understand, they just can’t and it’s not their fault but you need to understand. Patience is a virtue!


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