Before I begin this blog, I just have to share a comment that I received on a previous blog that to me was awesome! Made me feel that is blogging was definitely worthwhile in the long haul, it made me smile and feel amazing because it just looked so nice to read out loud, I hope I get more in the future.

Your blog has to be one of my favorite blogs Matthew! I really do love your views on autism! I also love the line in this article “Never be ashamed of who you are and never be what you are not!” Great stuff! Keep it up!- Todd Worley 

Today, I would like to discuss Things that you might often hear being said to you or about you because of your Autism. We have all probably heard certain lines many times during our lives. I could say loads but I’d be here all day and night so for this time around, I will use five examples, five things that are often said to someone with Autism that many will be sick of hearing time and time again.

I’ll start with the most obvious one

  1. ”You don’t look Autistic”– What does Autism look like to you? Do you have some mental image in your head of what an Autistic person looks like because I was unaware that we were expected to look a certain way? Were you picturing something like this?



Someone who is a rage machine and can’t hold it together? Often, I have heard people complain if someone with Autism happens to be having a meltdown near them and call them stupid or the ‘r’ word but apart from that, some assume that if you have Autism, you need a helmet on or can’t do anything for yourself which is a stereotype and simply not true. The majority of people with Autism look like an average going about person, you won’t be able to simply spot them so simply.


2. ‘But you can’t have Autism!’ I have had this one the most out of all of them because most people are shocked that I have Autism and wouldn’t know unless I actually said it to them. Mostly I assume that this is said to me because I have friends and have gone to University, have a job and have a girlfriend, it seems like most people assume that just because you have Autism that you can’t have any of these things…no idea why some think like that because what does Autism actually do to stop you from having any of them? No idea but that’s what many people assume is true…well it isn’t. Do I seem normal to you? That’s because I am, I work hard and do my best every single day, I won’t act the way you assume that I should because all you see is a label!


3. ‘Are you a Retard’ 


First off, I apologize for using that word, it’s a bad word to use and I hate it when people use it in such a manner as means as an insult! Having Autism does not mean your stupid…seriously, we all go on about how Autism does not get enough awareness, yet the majority of people have the idiocy of thinking that people with Autism are stupid and can’t do anything at all, where oh where do people get this stuff? I might look at things differently to someone without Autism but I have been praised for doing that yet once or twice, some smart alack has called me the ‘r’ word because for whatever reason. Many people with Autism have high to average IQ’s and are very intelligent. No people with Autism are not retarded…end of.

4. ‘Your making it up!’ Wait, what? What on earth makes you think that? Because I’m not sitting on my hands and feeling sorry for myself? The stereotypes of Autism are that we can’t have friends or do anything meaningful apparently, we just have our families look after us all of our lives…So when people see that I have done something with my line, I am accused of not having Autism….how do you come to that conclusion? No idea but it just makes me laugh because it just shows how small minded some people can really be when something goes against what they assumed so naturally they can’t be wrong but the person just must be lying, that’s all!  I just don’t know really but why would anyone make it up? Why? It just doesn’t seem like something that anyone would want to pretend to have but what can you do, some people just think this way sadly.

5. ‘I know someone with Autism and you don’t act like him?’ Well that is because no one with Autism is exactly the same! We all have different obsessions, weaknesses and such. Some people with Autism have it more than others or less, we all don’t act, think or look the same yet if I act differently to someone else with Autism, it’s confusing for some reason. I act like an Autistic Person but a variety exists but shouldn’t that be enough? We all have differences, with or without Autism so why on Earth do people assume that two people with Autism will act the same for? I don’t act the same as my brother and we are family…no one ever questions it.

I’ll finish off by saying the following. Many people assume that I can’t do much because I have Autism. Well, let me tell you here and now what I have done up to this point in my life that no one thought I would be capable of doing.

  • Finished College
  • Graduated from University
  • Getting Married
  • Have a Job
  • Have traveled all over Europe, America and going to Japan 
  • Had Short Story Published
  • Have many friends
  • Live independently 
  • I’m Happy

Jill 029

Need I say more?


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