What’s going on everyone, it’s your DailyPickMeUp and you know what…to much Dramas that I see every single day when I go into any Autism related page on Facebook, way too much fighting and arguing over so many controversial topics, I’m sure you all know the ones…Vaccines and stuff! People being able to have an opinion riles us up far too much as well, even though we are all entitled to them because, hey…that’s life in 2016, it’s not 1300 when people who aren’t Kings or knights can’t have an opinion, we all have a somewhat voice nowadays so we all choose to use it, telling complete strangers across the globe to not post or say opinions that don’t match our own and don’t tell me that it’s so we can keep things safe….if someone is allowed an opinion, then why does anyone need to be kept safe…either read it or scroll on and live your life! Sorry, bit strong that….it’s complicated because we have freedom of speech and all but when we disagree with something, that’s where the issue is….true you can disagree with something but it’s when we feel that it can’t even be shown…why not? Unless they are breaking someone’s rules, then it can be shown.

I say this because…let’s be honest….it’s next to impossible to not offend someone with a post or blog…many questions asked and opinions given as to why you shouldn’t think like that….you just can’t win people….someone will feel that they will make it their mission to get your blog, post or opinion taken down because THEY  don’t like it….how does anyone get anything done is beyond me in this day and age….I swear, the generation after mine is so much more touchy and take things far too personally and I’m only 25! When I was young, I can’t remember taking everything so personally, I didn’t have to think about it as much but ever since the Internet became more worldwide and easier for everyone to access, we all have easier chances to express how we ‘really’ feel but don’t you ever feel that we try to hard to push our opinions onto others. We’ll write our think stuff and make it sound like everyone should believe it, someone will disagree and for the safety of others…will be removed so arguments won’t happen, yet everyday…I’ll see more and more and more of them over Vaccines causing Autism…guarantee that someone will post something stupid in a comment saying that they don’t, even though I personally aren’t claiming that they do!

As a writer, sometimes it can be annoying to write something and not have everyone ‘get’ it because even though you don’t believe that Vaccines cause Autism, people will still get mad because you mentioned it….are we really that touchy now? We can’t even say the word anymore without someone losing their rag….as a football fan, I support Arsenal but I don’t lose the plot every time that someone mentions Tottenham or Chelsea!

Why can’t people just accept that other people will have opinions different to your own? It’s going to happen and with Autism, it doesn’t seem so easy, especially with causes and cures…very controversial and one thing I’ve learned is try to not claim anything…especially since I don’t care whether Vaccines do or don’t cause it….why does the cause matter that much to me now?  Or a cure….nothings wrong with me so why do I even need a cure? Simple answer, I DON’T! I love my life and what I have achieved….when I have Autism…sure I over worry and get things wrong sometimes, I’M NOT PERFECT! Never claimed to be! I always feel that people who search for a cure feel that something is wrong with them…but why?

This issue annoys me because it appears every day! No matter what you do, someone will claim that Mercury or something stupid causes Autism….everyone will go crazy and that’s what will dominate the day…upsetting people and people will leave, be blocked or act so hurt and upset, they sound like a puppy has been hurt! sorry but that’s how it feels sometimes people, when I go onto a page dedicated to Autism, I don’t want to feel like I’m going onto a battlefield and make it out unscathed!  Is that much to ask?

Many people feel bullied and scared to stay in a group because someone goes too far with an opinion and makes it feel like it’s illegal to have one, even if that person has gone against the rules….happens a lot. personally, I just don’t think so much into causes or cures….one day at a time is my role….living life with what I have….I have Autism, I don’t care about getting rid or learning how it came about, what would it really change? Nothing….ok then.

Opinions are great people, but if you can have an opinion, others can as well! It’s how you react that matters! Either ignore it if you don’t agree or disagree and say something but here’s my issue…most people hate it when someone disagrees with an opinion…and will get on a high horse about it….I rarely see someone being civil over it and if we could be a bit more civil and not blow a volcano over someone disagreeing with you, things might be a bit better…that’s all because we will always argue over the cause of Autism and a possible cure but understand that the majority have no amount of arguing and bullying will change anything….nothing online will, it needs to be a safe place where people can feel safe to come and ask questions and ask for advice, that’s what it’s all about…not trying to force people to accept your opinion on vaccines or people’s opinions that you don’t agree with. Life’s is far more important than arguing over such trivial things everyday with no conclusions…

Just…my opinion



  1. I know exactly what you mean! Don’t let it get you down though… I’ve found that my life is a lot less miserable if I spend the majority of my time OFFLINE so I don’t have to think about all the trolls and fighting and comment sections. Honestly I think the Internet has triggered my OCD recently, mostly due to Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month. I think the Internet has caused SO many problems for people, or at least triggered underlying ones, like ADHD, OCD, depression, etc… and this April just f****d me up because I couldn’t avoid it. I want to make my life better now, by avoiding comment sections, Facebook, and the Internet unless I have a very good reason for being online.

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