I had a blog called Five Things Not To Say To Someone With Autism recently and what did some people find wrong with it….the Title. They were like, don’t say with Autism, say Five Things Not To Say To An Autistic Person? Why…why is that such a big deal, I asked? It’s Autism…why does me saying Autism instead of Autistic matter THAT much? It blows the mind and just makes me think that we are a picky bunch, you can get people that get riled up by the weirdest of things and it’s amazing….it’s amazing because they act like head figures, like they are head people when it comes to Autism, going around telling people to not say things in such a way….and I checked, none of them are admins of groups or anything….just regular people who think their opinions should be fact! How about suggesting this instead of telling me…like your in charge of me or something….advice is welcome, being forceful is not.

I get fed up of being told how to say Autism, why do I need to be told how to say it in an sentence for example? I’ve had people say don’t say Autism, say Autistic! Why? Why do people get offended so much on the subject, IT’S AUTISM!  I get the term and all but it’s not a big deal…If I want to say Autism, I’ll damn well say it! My blog! No matter what say or write, some one will have an issue with it and make a mountain out of a mole hill. I get that many people will see and take so many things the wrong way or not the way that it was intended to but talking about Autism in way shape or form is dangerous online because so many people will just turn into Drama Queens and throw the toys out of the pram about it. sometimes, theirs more fighting in groups than there is on an episode of WWE Raw!

My Autism has had it’s up and downs, I’ll admit but never have I seen or gone through as much drama in real life as I have read on one Facebook group regarding Autism, I could get more action from one post than Wrestlemania ever could! Of course it doesn’t happen all the time but sometimes, it can be intense and it fathoms me as how it gets to that point…because of an opinion.

Everything is offensive and bad people, don’t ever have an opinion, they will eat you alive and you’ll really upset some people for just asking a question, having an opinion. Everyone gets one so my question is why do so many people get so upset over someone else’s opinion on something, we all have the option to ignore and scroll past…you see that X on your top right corner….don’t like this, click it! I don’t have time for babies who can’t take some one else’s opinions…this is grown up time! I don’t do the whole get offended by every single post I can find….if someone posts something that is anti Autism, I ignore it or if it was against the rules of a group then fair enough! Rules are rules, I have no problem with that and along with that, I am aware that many people will be vulnerable, have no friends and be in  a different situation to what I will be in but never in my life have I gone into a group and seen so many fallout and dramatic outbursts than in the last year when I found more people with Autism on Facebook or the internet in general.

I’d love more positivity about the place. More happy stories of success and happiness, not ones constantly of accusing other people of being traitors and depressed all day. The amount of times I’ve seen posts in CAPS is ridiculous, the accusations of being bullied by the world, we all have problems but when I have an issue, I do something about it because no one else will! We have some but I just think more would be more beneficial.

Follow rules of groups, don’t force feed stuff down people’s throats if they don’t ask you to and always look on the bright side of life people, we have all been in the darkness but we have all been in the light also. Just be happy…life means so much more.



  1. It’s only my opinion but you would think that people who are often misunderstood would have more tolerance of other people having an opinion (whether they agree with it or not) and not become so mad over it. I’m Aspie (and I don’t mind/care if you say that I have aspergers!) and all the bickering and fall outs gets me down too so I avoid groups with too much agro

      1. We should remember that some countries don’t have any freedom of speech at all and we should be more gracious of other’s views. As you’ve said, if you don’t like it don’t read it! Simple.

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