Are you kidding me?! What was that WWE? That episode of Raw was cringe worthy to say the least…Extreme Rules looks so weak and this episode is one of the reasons for that! The start match wasn’t so bad though because it was all about the only interesting part of the whole show.

As per usual, Roman Reigns is heavily booed, yet Kevin Dunn was quick to reach the editing booth and make it not sound half as bad as it probably was, the delusional idiot…the fact that Roman Reigns is the number 1 guy makes me sick….the majority of fans who have brains don’t want him as champion! Yet he looks invincible every single week which is stupid because that is NOT what the number one guy should be….he should have obstacles to overcome so fans can get behind him, yet in the last 6 months, Reigns has dominated the League of Nations by himself, The Authority by himself and now the Club…mostly by himself….as if he needs the Usos when the writers would just have Reigns do it all by himself!

Am I the only one who hates the Reigns vs Styles story line…I just don’t feel it, it all feels terrible and boring because Styles is just being fed to Reigns PPV after PPV, just after losing to Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 32!  The Club has been buried already by wrestlers that fans can’t stand! Roman Reigns doesn’t look weak at all, he hasn’t has a single mountain to climb as of yet in his reign, apart from one Styles Clash to a chair tonight, when has Reigns looked weak at all during this feud? Never!

We all know Reigns will retain his championship at Extreme Rules because he looks set to defend against John Cena at Summerslam this year so what will Styles gain from this feud? Nothing! His character looks weak because he lost overall in the Jericho feud and will lose this one as well…have you been in another Wrestling company….well prepare to be royally screwed over! apart from a group with a terrible name…oh wait….Balor Club it could be….so we can all look forward to WWE screwing over Finn Balor in the near future as well because no one can be more ‘popular’ that word is used loosely people than Roman Reigns! If you enjoy Roman Reigns how he is now, I question your intelligence! Strongly because what has he done to impress you? Oh wait, the majority of people who love Roman Reigns are female and think he’s hot…listen to the weak cheers he gets and you’ll hear girls screaming….like that lunatic that got close to him that one week he was attacking HHH!

The story line around the Intercontinental Championship was the only decent part of Raw tonight….Sami Zayn teaming with Kevin Owens was interesting who by the way, Owens is golden, great lines and a great wrestler, meant to be a heel but people love him…because he can actually wrestle. Cesaro another great wrestler as is Zayn…The Miz….I still don’t like him, his constant pushes make me scratch my head….how does he get so much good favor, does he let Vince have his way with Maryse or something? It will be a good match at Extreme Rules of course, you have 3 fantastic wrestlers and one ok one!

The Shining Stars…..bored already although some of the moves weren’t half bad, I just don’t like the persona of the two…just be Primo and Epico, I’d take those two over the Usos anyday….I’d take the Brooklyn Brawler and the Christmas Turkey over them! won’t be long before they are frequently on Main Event and Superstars because once Enzo Amore is back, they’ll be no room for them.

Never seen Dana Brook before the last couple of weeks but wrestling wise, is ok but backstage….is awful, two chances shes had so far and has randomly blown them both…can wrestle but can’t talk as of yet, feel bad for Emma though, just started to get going but now is on the shelf again but maybe a blessing because she was in danger of being with Dana Brook and being the new Naomi and Tamina. Who has Becky Lynch rubbed the wrong way recently? Since Wrestlemania, she has done nothing….same with Sasha Banks….I don’t get why we have barely seen Sasha since….I know she’ll be back for Summerslam but she’s not hurt so why isn’t she wrestling? It makes no sense and it’s stupid!

An Asylum Match….it’s a steel cage with a potted plant and a mop on top of it pretty much…Jericho vs Ambrose part two so Ambrose needs to win because I don’t want a part three?! If Ambrose can’t win an Asylum Match then I give up hope on him…he needs to start winning big matches! tonight though, the segment was ok but it was a bit ongoing, apologise for tearing my coat or I’m going to beat you up for destroying my pot plant Mitch…new era stuff people!

Golden Truth are finally together…am I supposed to care? Apparently because some people cheered…I saw these two at a live show in Leeds and they were hugging and dancing and everyone was cheering….I find it odd because I don’t see it lasting long before people get bored of it…I’m amazed many haven’t already! I have….I like Goldust but hate R Truth, his gimmick is so old now…it’s slightly sad! They lost and now need to be get their….Chakra working?? Naruto reference?

New Day…kind of were ok tonight, the time machine reference made me think Big Show or Kane were randomly going to appear…I’d have only accepted that if Kane appeared in his 99 attire but it didn’t happen, we got a brief 2008 Kofi moment but that was it, a cardboard time machine….wonderful….Vaudevillians attack them and the segment ends…I’ve seen the New Day better but I guess you can’t get fantastic every single week.

Tag Team once again between US-NO! and the Club….stop kicking the horse, it’s dead! Reigns with his smug grin….all this ‘dream’ match led up to was Styles beating Reigns up with a chair…didn’t think it was going to happen because Superman can’t be beaten by a mere chair! a space ship crashing into the arena wouldn’t keep Reigns down! You watch this Sunday how much Reigns is put through and one spear from him will end it all! Internet fans will boo and people who can’t spell Roman Reign’s name properly will cheer!

Big Cass gets some action tonight….over too quick though as he dominates the Dudley Boyz…Oh, he’s 7ft but a part of Vince is bigger after seeing this guy in action! I love Big Cass because he’s not boring, he can talk and can fight….can’t wait for Enzo Amore to return and I pray for a Championship run for the duo. I don’t care how much of a boner, Vince gets for Big Cass, do not split this team up now…Big Cass is not ready to go solo and shouldn’t be for a few years.

Quick not but get Byron Saxton off the commentators table, PLEASE! that SAWFT was terrible!

Our main event is a contract signing….A CONTRACT SIGNING! poor WWE, poor! For the Women’s Championship as well! No disrespect but Charlotte vs Natalya shouldn’t have a contract signing! Or, if you do, don’t have it finish off the show before a PPV! End the show with your WWE Champion! I don’t care if your in North Carolina….who proved that no one gives a s*** about Charlotte, and WWE knows it…if she came out by herself, the response would be anywhere near as loud as it is now….it’s only like that now because of Ric Flair! This has been going on far too long now! Ric Flair helping Charlotte win is so boring now, they have run out of ideas…what can you do to top a screwjob? I assumed a loophole in the ‘contract’ or something but what can they do apart from someone else other than Ric Flair running in? Charlotte winning clean? If that happens then you’ll just ask why was Ric even there? Let’s see what you do WWE?

Raw was terrible, New Era huh? Feels worse than what you had before? When we got Kane, Big Show, Social Outcasts and such every week…actually felt slightly better than what we get now…seriously, at least then….it felt more like a show worth watching…haven’t seen Apollo Crews for a while….no Baron Corbin or Ziggler this week either?  The writers are the issue, Kevin Dunn is the problem….Vince McMahon is the problem because they don’t care what fans think. As long as people buy merchandise and keep watching, nothing will really change.

Oh and Rusev attacks Sin Cara as Del Rio beats Kalisto but who cares?

Raw gets a 1/10 from me this week.


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