Warning- Opinions in this blog are the bloggers only and are not meant to be taken as fact so he advises that if not shared then take with a grain of salt. More to life than getting upset over a strangers opinion if you ask me. But he hopes you enjoy reading the blog regardless.  

Hello everyone, it’s your DailyPickMeUp and today I am talking about Autism in the Workplace and that includes having a job and what it can be like, the stress it can cause and that really, most people without knowing will assume that most people with Autism would struggle to even have a job when it isn’t true but it helps if employers know.


It is widely believed that anyone who is Autistic would not be able to cope in the workplace as it can require contact with people from start to finish, depending on which line of work you are in. Is this a reasonable thing to think? I can understand why people might think this because it is widely thought that anyone with Autism can’t cope socially and struggle incredibly but that varies as everyone with Autism is different really so some might actually struggle in a social environment like an office or say a supermarket whereas others might not mind it at all.

Regardless, you’ll get both…some won’t mind but others will and that is something that needs to be understood by everyone, that not everyone that is Autistic is the same which is widely assumed. I say that because every time that I hear someone talk about Autism, they never say that some or a few might struggle socially or with a job but as a whole, everyone apparently can’t cope with a job and I always wonder why just because one or two people that someone knows with Autism might struggle somewhat, that everyone else does as well, is it just easier to assume?


I have read about other people who have written about not being able to get jobs and they feel that it could be down to what they have or if they have a job, that it is a massive cause of stress for them and it’s a constant uphill struggle which I can somewhat relate to because it was once like that for me but once I grew used to it all, it didn’t really affect me anymore, so perhaps it could be a case of giving it time and settling in?

When I work, some people are aware I have Autism which is fine because it is me that lets them know, I feel comfortable in what I do and I will admit, I struggled at first but now feel fine and can do my work without worrying what people will think of me because of what I have. I did get one comment though a year or so ago when someone found out I have Autism, it went a little bit like this-

‘Why did you take a job then?’

To me, it was like they were asking why someone with Autism would take a job where they have to interact socially day in and day out with people. I wasn’t sure how to feel about that but I wasn’t really surprised that someone would say that to me because, some people just think like that so I decided to not get mad as it’s sadly expected in this day and age to assume that one equals all, if one does it…we all apparently do it. Of course, we know it’s not true and I don’t really care what anyone else thinks, I just go in and do my best every single day.

I always take a drink of water and a few sweets with me to pass the time and it helps me feel calm as well, in other words I do things that I know will keep me happy and calm because I don’t want to start over thinking things and getting stressed out because that just makes the day feel even longer and might cause me a meltdown which I do not want at all!


I do however worry about me not always talking, I can be quite quiet at times and I do worry that my colleagues will assume that I am being rude or something which isn’t true, I’m just always incredibly shy and unsure what to say and even if I do talk, it isn’t always for long and that makes me feel somewhat anxious I guess. Social cues are hard for me sometimes, like with jokes and when someone is being serious but I feel that I am miles better than I was when I started and I think I owe that to going to College and University and learning along the way.

We all are in different situations when it comes to the workplace and will have different stories, some will be out of work and others will be in work but might find it a constant struggle to stay sane because of the constant challenges and demands expected of you. It can help to not take everything so serious, like if someone gives you some advice on something, don’t take it directly personal if they are only trying to help…the amount of times I have taken something personal when I didn’t need to.

It can be hard having a job but it can also be rewarding as well, just remember what you were like before you started that job and how you are now, how much you have changed for the better, the confidence you will have surely gained and even if none of these things have happened to you….at least you were confident enough to try and give it a go, that is an accomplishment by itself….some won’t even do that. You go in and you do your best everyday because that is all you can do and that’s ok.


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