Warning- Opinions in this blog are the bloggers only and are not meant to be taken as fact so he advises that if not shared then take with a grain of salt. More to life than getting upset over a strangers opinion if you ask me. But he hopes you enjoy reading the blog regardless.  

Hello everyone, it’s the DailyPickMeUp and today, we talk about NT’s which to be honest, I don’t really know much about, or the term at least.  I have Autism and it has a great impact on my life, so naturally I write a lot about my Autism and how it affects my life but at this point…I haven’t really used the term but have seen many other people use it constantly. I always did wonder why the term needed to exist in the first place really but in the Autistic community, it is widely used yet if I never went online, I would probably still not know about it today.


Nt’s means Neurotypical or allistic which is a more proper term and someone who does not have Autism so for example, my fiance who does not have Autism would be Neurotypical I guess…well it should do considering that it’s anyone who doesn’t have Autism so the majority of the planet’s population, say about 99% or something along those lines! See, told you it was easy!

How do you know if someone is Neurotypical?

So how can you tell if someone you know or love is Neurotypical? Sounds tricky but it’s is very easy, easier than making a coffee actually. The majority of people would be called an NT but I am Autistic so I would not fall into this category! I always knew I was different, even though most people can’t tell I have Autism, they always look shocked when I finally tell them…every single time, it’s a gob smacked face but I bet some think something different when they are pulling that face…wouldn’t be shocked really!

Someone eager to have a long chat with you once small talk is out of the way…I know, I don’t get it either! ,  that no one doesn’t mind looking at you directly, like right in the eyes without looking creepy or breaking away nervously and that is weird to me, I don’t want to stare a hole through anyone, I’ll look briefly out of politeness but that’s it!

Apparently it’s rude to stare yet it’s also rude to avoid eye contact as well, it’s like they think I don’t care or something, yet when I try to stare….I just get nervous and they take it the wrong way every single time, like their day has been ruined by my lack of eye contact or something


What If They Ask You For Your Opinion?

Reassurance seems to be another thing as well, like if someone has a haircut or something new done, they expect you to notice straight away or your the worst person in the world for some reason…maybe it’s just me being polite and not telling you if you look stupid, you ever think of that? I find that honesty can be best because, why ask for an opinion if you don’t want to hear the truth?

Take 1

‘Am I fat?’

‘A little bit but not that much’

‘Your awful’! 

Take 2

‘Am I fat?’

‘No way! you fat? I’ve seen people way bigger, your average!’ 

‘Thank you so much!’

Try and guess which one was the NT responding and which one was the person with Autism responding!

It’s confusing, I know but with NT’S you have to be careful to not tell them straight and honestly what you really think if it’s not positive because they will take it far to seriously and slowly lose the plot, making you out to be a monster for having an opinion and you’ll be left scratching your head, wondering what the hell you actually did?

 Always asking if they look ok and I might tell them want they want to hear but think something different entirely because I know that most people don’t like it straight and to the point, they prefer a long maze of compliments and if I must say something negative, to dress it up as much as possible! Anything bad is like saying I hate you or something, I mean talk about treading on egg shells all day! You watch another NT say something positive and it;s like, your awesome! and I say what I honestly think and it’s a dagger to the heart!

People can be very sensitive I find, will avoid hurting feelings at all costs if you ask me! I get it and I don’t get it because it’s like lying…if someone asks for your opinion and you tell them straight, they get angry but if your sensitive and go around it in whatever way you can think off, all is well somehow?! It’s like people don’t trust their own opinion anymore or something?

Like anyone with Autism, NT’s are all completely different as well but I read a few posts on other people talking about NT’s and they mentioned looking out for signs with people with NT’s and I scratched my head and asked why would you need to do that? Another thing I notice is the enjoyment of body contact to greet or say goodbye to someone, whether it needs to be a shake of the hand to a direct hug…last time I checked, I didn’t expect nor need a hug from my hairdresser, thanks!

What are some signs of anyone that is an NT?

  • Enjoying Small Talk
  • Don’t mind eye contact at all!
  • Enjoy body contact like hugs
  • Dress up any insult as much as possible
  • Don’t like hurting feelings

Anyone who is always up for a chat, wants to make friends with everyone and will be as nice as possible when trying to not insult someone is an NT? A confusing person who will not tell you straight to your face that your haircut sucks but will tell their friends like it’s nothing the second your not around. I never get why some people can’t tell you to your face but can talk about you behind your back like it’s nothing….confusing, right?


It feels weird trying to some up someone with NT, because it’s the majority of the population really, basically….it’s rude to be brutally honest, avoiding eye contact and not making an attempt to talk to everyone that you see every single day! It can be bad if you walk past people and don’t even look sometimes and if you feel really shy, they take it that your being rude…unless you explain of course.

In all seriousness though, some people just don’t like it when you are brutally honest about something, I might not fully understand it but I respect it because I don’t want to upset anyone with an opinion, I’ll stand by it but won’t push it always. I found it weird trying to sum an NT up because I haven’t heard the term for that long and it still feels confusing to me…someone without Autism has a term? Fair enough.

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  1. Actually neurotypical means anyone whose brain isn’t different to what’s typical of the population, ie non-autistic, non-adhd, non-ptsd etc. Neurodiverse is what we call people whose brains are different from typical so all autistic people, all adhd people, everyone with tourettes, everyone with ptsd, etc.

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