Warning- Opinions in this blog are the bloggers only and are not meant to be taken as fact so he advises that if not shared then take with a grain of salt. More to life than getting upset over a strangers opinion if you ask me. But he hopes you enjoy reading the blog regardless.

This was a strange article that I found which is called Is Autism More Common?  apparently, according to this article, Autism was more rare 30 years ago to what it is today…so it was pretty much non-existent then?  I’m sorry but I feel like Autism is no where near as commonly known as it should be nowadays, 2016!  Yes we have Autism Awareness Month that is mostly spend with people arguing over the use of the colour Blue but I’ve never seen people celebrate it or spread the information where I am, in Britain.

Maybe I’m being picky but the only time I hear the general public speak about Autism is in a negative light, like the Danielle Jacobs story, which by the way was reported oh so terriboly in Britain via the Independent Paper like this Man with Asperger’s syndrome who shared viral dog video shot dead by police in Arizona they thought she was a man…enough said. Whether Vaccines do or don’t cause Autism and how many people with Autism suffer from depression or commit suicide.

However, positive news come alight as well regarding Autism appears often as well such as the police officer helping the teenager with Autism caught in a photo that went viral around the globe which was great and what I wish appeared more frequently, a nice happy ending where no one was hurt and lessons were always learnt, not how someone with Autism ended up dying or some sort of tragic event that happens and on the internet, comments are made where someone will always say ‘I bet someone with Autism did that’ If anything, many people assume that someone with Autism is a depressed loner who takes out frustration on the innocent…I always roll my eyes when I see a comment like that.

Although Autism is seen more than it once was, In a day and age that women are not being diagnosed as much as males are is questionable! As we all know, males are on the spectrum a lot more than females are and many question whether many females are going undiagnosed and that it is more unlikely that they won’t be diagnosed but I won’t go into the male-female debate today I’m afraid, that is another topic entirely. Yet, 30 yrs ago, no one knew much about Autism where it mattered, in schools and at jobs so others could understand and be more supportive, yet when strangers online can mock you from miles away and you can’t do anything about it, is it always good if everyone knows? In a positive light yes but when I can message someone in Australia easily from my phone or computer, that puts power into my hand…is that kind of power good in everyone’s hands?

The question is, could Autism be more widely known worldwide today than it actually is? Or are we all doing enough the way things are? Honestly, I think Autism is seen in a more troubling, negative light because so many people don’t know what the hell it actually is, they’ll only hear about it on the news which highlights Autism so positively (sarcasm) You might think that I’m overreacting to all of this, Autism is being viewed and taught all over the world, more so than it was 3 decades ago…still needs to be done more in my opinion though to make a big enough difference.


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  1. I don’t think it’s more prevallent today, I think it’s that it wasn’t reported as much back then. Less was known. I’m a female Aspie but wasn’t diagnosed until a couple of years ago and I’m 55! Doesn’t mean I’ve never been Aspie! It was just thought that I was extremely shy, preferred my own company and was very rigid in thoughts and preferences.
    I agree there’s not enough proper awareness/acceptance but hopefully that is changing, especially due to the Internet.

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