In today’s blog, we look at a tale of horror as an Autistic Toddler Beaten To Death has sadly occurred. And if you are easy to upset, I would not read this blog as it’s contents are disheartening and upsetting, why events like this happen in our world is disgusting and horrifying. How this individual is allowed 50 miles close to any child is beyond me.

According to the Inquisitr, 3 yr old Jose Castillo-Cisneros was reportedly killed and the mother of the child’s boyfriend, Ricardo Gutierrez has been charged with his murder. If this is true than this is absolutely disgusting and vile and nothing he could ever do could make up for the crime he has committed, he needs to rot behind bars for the rest of his life. A past of violence behind him and was out on parole at the time, for murdering a child, It’d be easy to want the Death Penalty for this scumbag but we aren’t animals like him, he shouldn’t step out in the sunlight ever again, he’s lost that privilege when he murdered a child!

Apparently, the reason this whole thing happened in the first place was because little Jose entered Ricardo’s room crying whilst the latter was watching a movie..are you serious? You murder a child…for crying? Also reported was the possibility of a stab wound involved as well. And also, the little boy’s 9 yr old sister witnessed the entire event which will no doubt scar the poor thing for life! She did ring 911 but the murderer also assaulted Jose’s mother who tried to save her son’s life! The article goes into detail by explaining it as such.

”The 9-year-old girl reportedly witnessed her 3-year-old brother laying in a pool of blood while she called 911”- The Inquisitr 

So if as child cries, that’s your answer? We were all children at one point and we were the ones crying all day! We all made it to adulthood so why should any child be murdered for doing something that you once did?! Some people just can’t deal with children crying, it annoys so many people but 9.9 people don’t automatically think about murder! You understand that there is a massive difference between being annoyed and committing murder!

If a child comes into your room crying and your watching a movie, you could have done a million other things that would have been so much better…I don’t know like calm them down, be a responsible adult?! Murder should NEVER come into your head unless your seriously messed up in the head and needs to seek help!

A horrible event that never should have happened, I am disgusted that anyone would be able to do this so easily….so easily people…If Hell does exist, I hope someone down there makes him suffer for what he has done!

R.I.P Jose Castillo-Cisneros


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