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According to the Telegraph in the UK, Teachers in the UK are reportedly being taught how to support children with Autism for the first time and for me, this is good news indeed that Autistic Children in the future just might be able to not have educational opportunities not be destroyed by a teacher who doesn’t understand Autism. As of right now, Autism Training has not been a must in some eyes although I think every single parent with an Autistic Child would severely disagree! Campaigners which include, Parents and MP’S appear to have got their point across with this and have been rewarded with this news…if it actually goes through that is….wouldn’t be surprised if a U Turn happened along the way in some shape or form.

This is a little bit from the article that I found and look at the word ‘Patchy’

Autism can present serious learning difficulties and there have been worries that children aren’t understood and supported properly by teachers who receive ‘patchy training’ on how to deal with this.- The Telegraph (27/05/16)

It’s almost as if before hand, no one really tried to learn much about Autism, I’m sure many did but not everyone, when I was at school….no one could have cared less I had Autism, I was just a nuisance swept to the side to be taught Agriculture instead! Screw learning German or History when you can learn how to drive a tractor….nothing against farmers here but I had never done anything like that before in my life…all of a sudden that was better for me then preparing for my exams? I only did 3 GCSES in school because of their lack of understanding and I will never have a nice thing to say about that place, EVER!

I don’t know about you but I wish I had this happen when I was in school, would have made life a lot easier if my teachers had a clue what Autism was but then again..it was the 90’s/00’s so what was I expecting? None of my teachers had an inkling about Autism or what to do with me so naturally, I was taken out of most of my classes and placed in a small group of troublemakers for two years that ultimately led me to resit my GCSE’S in College but I’m not bitter! Not at all! I mean it’s not that because of all this, I never really had a chance to follow my dreams…I pray that no one else has to go through that, to have things snatched away because of misunderstandings and lack of caring by people your supposed to trust and look up to.

My one issue however is this….WHY NOW?! 2016 and you have only just decided to do this! This is more than 10 years to late! 1 in 100 children are on the Autistic Spectrum and they need help from teachers and a much better understanding is the right way to go, I’m just angry that I never had this because I don’t know…I might not have been held back for 3 years catching up with what I should have had and that was a fair chance! An equal understanding that I could do my GCSES if I was given the chance, I always knew I could…others thought differently and that’s why no one will ever tell me what decisions to make again…tried that, just makes things bad for me….Only I make that decision from now on!

“Teachers don’t need to be experts in autism”– Telegraph

Not experts but need to have a very good understanding about it, enough to make a huge difference to what I had in school! learn everything that needs to be learned, don’t skip corners with this, none at at all or your just covering up cracks!

push1.jpgThe article can be read here UK Teachers To Be Taught Autism Awareness and I hope this happens, it must happen because I am tired of Autistic Children sometimes being seen as a joke or this as seen in the picture by those who don’t understand or don’t care.

I don’t know but I just hope that in the future, Autistic children can go to school and have a teacher who is understanding and able to help in times of need because everyday, I wish I had that…my diagnosis was nasty and something I’d prefer to leave in the past…5 years of depression isn’t good for anyone and could have been prevented if others around me were able to…understand.

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