Warning- Opinions in this blog are the bloggers only and are not meant to be taken as fact so he advises that if not shared then take with a grain of salt. More to life than getting upset over a strangers opinion if you ask me. But he hopes you enjoy reading the blog regardless.

An obsession that I once had was Top Gear, I program on BBC in Britain but is view able in most countries worldwide and, if you didn’t know…the latest series began last weekend and I was unsure whether I was going to watch or not…but I did because I love the show that much because it’s an obsession of mine..I have all the DVD’S that I can watch again and again and again and never find boring but of course…Top Gear has changed everything, now it looks like this



WTF is this?

I can get attached to something and really get upset or happy if a change comes along, depends if it’s good or not but this one was just awful. I gave it a chance and everything on Sunday night and watched….what a waste of 60 minutes! Don’t get me wrong America…Matt Le Blanc was good, the only decent part of the program actually but the problem is on our end and it’s called Chris Evans!

If you saw the show, surely you agree that it sucked! All it was that we saw was Chris Evans shouting for 60 minutes and trying to be Jeremy Clarkson. His jokes were terrible and the guy puts you to sleep…it was almost like he thought it was a radio show and that I was driving a car on the M25 at 2 am in the morning or something! The annoying thing as well was that out of all those people you see in the picture, we only saw 3 of them! 4 of them, are you kidding me…of course we saw the Stig…poor guy or gal and Sabine was only in a video! It was mostly Matt and Chris and my god…Chris annoys me…his Ego is huge!

Not everyone’s cup of tea, the show was popular how it was but a steak incident changed everything and now we’re stuck with a sinking ship that will eventually go down and it will be slow and painful.

I feel like with my Autism, that if I like something that I can watch it as many times as I want and NEVER get sick of it…kind of like how I can order the same food at a restaurant or takeaway and NEVER get bored of it! I can put Mayonnaise on anything! ¬†Top Gear is just an example for me, I love the show but a MAJOR change occurred that has annoyed me greatly! To the point that I might just stop watching it.

Loving something to the point that if it went away, you’d lose the plot is common with me, I’ve been told I’m too overly attached sometimes which I can agree with at points because I have things in my life that if they went away, I think I’d go into meltdown mode¬†quickly…I don’t think, I KNOW! But I don’t know why that is, why I get so attached to things and people even…maybe a fear of being alone…who knows.

But anyway, Top Gear sucks now, I’ll just find a new show to obsess over maybe but really hope I’m not the only one who feels that he obsesses over things a little too much.

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