Warning- Opinions in this blog are the bloggers only and are not meant to be taken as fact so he advises that if not shared then take with a grain of salt. More to life than getting upset over a strangers opinion if you ask me. But he hopes you enjoy reading the blog regardless.

Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a nice weekend enjoying the nice weather or at least it was in the UK for once, heard it’s not good on Mainland Europe…normally the other way round. Today, I found an article that caught my eye and the writer believes that Autism is not a disability, more it’s like having extreme sensitivity to everything and this spoke to me because I have always considered myself to be quite sensitive, in more than one way.

Is Autism A Disability?

Of course, it actually is but that doesn’t mean that everyone see’s it that way because we are all different and see things differently, we are all entitled to our opinions on the matter. Autism is classed as a disability but the main traits for anyone who is Autistic is commonly

  • Social Communication
  • Interaction
  • Obsessions
  • Repetitive Behavior 

To me, that doesn’t sound like a disability…just someone who can be quite shy and needs a confidence boost which can happen and has happened many times but it affects us all in different ways so that might not be for all. However, it is not impossible for anyone with Autism to not change, develop and grow because of a label…if conditions are right and opportunities are given then who knows? I mean, if in school, others are aware and understanding then it gives people more of a chance to grow like everyone else.

‘Autism is a lifelong developmental disability. On its own, autism is not a learning disability or a mental health problem. But some people with autism have an accompanying learning disability, learning difficulty or mental health problem. Autism is a spectrum condition’– NHS

An article called Living With Autism which you can read by clicking the link,claims that Autism is not a disability but more of an extreme sensitivity to your surroundings and for me, that kind of made sense because I feel like I am very sensitive to things around me and it can change, depending on situations, locations and how many people are around me. I’m often told that I take things too much to heart, for example…a woman once asked me if I had been to church that day and I said no and she looked into my eyes and said that I would burn in Hell…I responded by saying that I was an Atheist and wished her a good day but felt hurt that she would say such a thing out of the blue…what business was it of hers to force someone to do something that they didn’t want to…it’s not the 1300’s any more people!  #Autism

To think that we are all different when it comes to Autism is fascinating and I’d prefer to keep it that way, I like to feel different to everyone else yet somewhat enjoy to have some things in common like not always being able to make a lot of friends, being socially awkward sometimes, being able to do the same things again and again and never get bored of it.

My Autistic traits make me feel that I am quite sensitive about most things to be fair…I take things to heart to much! Yet I learn from my mistakes and don’t seem to make them again because I know what to do to not make it happen again but I don’t consider my Autism to be a disability because it doesn’t hinder me anymore, or at least not to that extent that’s the only reason why.

If everyone really understood what Autism was then life would be so much easier because everyone would see that having Autism isn’t a massive hindrance if understood properly. It can have it’s issues, everything does! Not to the point that some people seem to think it is…why that is, I don’t know…everyone will have a different reason though to think what they do.

I feel that other people with Autism can be quite sensitive and take things to heart as well so maybe more is to this story? Who knows…it’s possible though.


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  1. I see that having social anxiety is partly disabling for me personally. I don’t do things I’d like to do, such as going for walks with a camera (I need to buy one first!) I love photography but on my own I feel awkward taking photos. I’d like to visit places, even if it’s just for a couple of days but, again, on my own I won’t do it. I don’t really have any close friends who could come with me. Even if I did, I’d feel I was a burden. I do take things to heart even though I try not to. But I am sensitive to criticism, especially when it’s unfounded (my ‘need for justice’ comes into play – if it’s deserved criticism I’m not too bad, as long as it’s done nicely. But criticism which simply puts you down – really upsets me)

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