Hello everyone…I am in such a bad mood right now and have been for a few days now…my country has flipped upside down all of a sudden, David Cameron is going and this guy is likely to be our new leader


How do I feel about this? I’m not exactly thrilled about this at all, in fact I am quite angry for what has happened in Britain over the past few days and for what, lies? The Leave party went around saying Immigration will drop and the NHS will get an extra £350 million that was normally sent to Brussels but as soon as the Brexit was confirmed, it was all revealed to be a lie…was never said etc…WTF?! how did so many people fall for that?


Scotland and Northern Ireland want to remain to the EU…maybe I should move to Scotland? No, I can’t leave my home, even if I disagree with what it is doing…How can I feel proud about this? because we might have started a domino effect? So many people assume that other EU Nations like Denmark, Greece etc will eventually follow suit but I don’t believe that…it would depend on how we do…do you really think that Greece of all countries will want to go alone? After what they have been through?

I found this video regarding Scotland’s situation which you can watch by clicking the link bellow.


I voted to remain and I am proud that I did so, I still hope that anything will come about to make us remain with Europe, at all costs. I have had many people tell me that this is for the best, that leaving the EU is what should happen, that things will get better  but I just don’t feel that way, I’m sorry but how is isolation a good thing? I have Autism and I hate being isolated so why should my country appear to want it? I’ve spent my entire life trying to prevent that, yet others make it so that we are all isolated from our neighbors and friends…48% for remain to 52% leave….that’s not far apart, how can that be enough to swing a favorable vote?

The amount of racist moments that have happened in England in the last few days is shocking, makes me feel ashamed that some people are going out of the way to be rude to foreigners, which makes me think that many people had no idea what they were actually voting for in the first place! Which angers me even more…voting when you have no idea what your voting for.

Just watch this!

At the end of the day, I will get on with life and deal with what comes my way, I don’t have a choice but I will always love the EU, I mean Bruges gave me one of the most memorable moments of my life ever, I have traveled to Holland, France, Belgium, Spain, Tenerife and Italy in the last few years and have loved them all, amazing experiences…I don’t want to give that up and I know I can still go to Mainland Europe and all that but the feeling will be different, very different as we will all know and remember what occurred in June 2016…that Britain voted to leave the EU to go it alone…who knows what the future has in store for the British Isles but you know what they say

Keep Calm And Carry On!

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