Warning, everything mentioned in this blog are all things that I saw and experienced during my time at University, nothing is made up, although I wish some of it was.


Hello, are you considering whether or not you should go to University? University, what a ride it is! For anyone thinking about it, I will tell you now to just go for it, don’t say that you’ll wait for a few years, do it now! Yes it can be a nervous yet life changing experience that will involve you staying up all night getting an essay done because you left it too late, you being very tight with money when it comes to buying food (note that rice might be a main dish on some nights) but when it comes to nights out, you go nuts and screw it! and the sight of a messy kitchen that would give most women and parents heart attacks and insects in these student kitchens is common, especially maggots! unless it’s a flat full of girls of course or that’s what I found at least…not all males were unclean but the majority were….myself included

It’s a journey where you enter and leave as two different people, hopefully a better person when you will leave University, with many more experiences then you realise! You will meet so many wonderful people that you’ll be friends with for years to come, so many annoying people you’ll be happy to never see again and ones in between that are alright that you’ll say hi to on Facebook maybe once a year. I remember many people that I found to be inspiring and know that they will go on to make a difference in this world and I know others that will go on to do pretty much nothing because they put little effort in everything that they did which made me wonder why they bothered coming to University in the first place…maybe it wasn’t what they thought it was going to be?

As for your work, you know that thing you need to do here, not just go out and get drunk all the time! You will have a library that chances are you’ll avoid for most of your first year but it will slowly become even more important as you need more sources for your essays, only problem is that hundreds of other people will be also after those books as well so it’s like a race, either that or you can buy cheap 2nd hand books online.

To reference a source in an essay, something that will likely leave you scratching your head and wanting to throw your laptop out of the window! I remember people being called into the University main office for plagiarism, a very scary process as you feel like a criminal because you forgot to write the edition of book you had cited in your essay, yes the difference between 1st and 3rd edition matters!

Some people will remember to buy toilet roll whereas some will be too lazy and eventually resort to using socks…wouldn’t be surprised and some will get so drunk on a night out, that throwing a glass bottle at a fly in the hallway will become a good idea. some people will go out clubbing every single night and some will never leave their bedroom, apart from retrieving food from the fridge, unless your really hardcore and have your own tiny fridge in your bedroom as well, I knew two people who did that! Which makes you wonder why you would spend £9000 plus a year to go to a building across country to just sit in a tiny bedroom for almost 3 years?  Do Open University or something! A random girl once snogged me for some of my pot noodles that I was eating in a nightclub once, very random….I’ve had a flat mate throw up in a taxi on the way home and we had to walk 3 miles home as the taxi driver kicked us out!  Countless people collapsed in the streets from too much drink as well.

These are all things you might see if you go to University or you might not, it’s not the same everywhere but what you will see is many people coming from all over the globe to the same university as you and many will be on the same course as you, whatever that subject is but all will not be the same which is a good thing as too much of the same is boring.

One thing I learnt while I was at University was that you shouldn’t expect everyone to like you, you will have some that you fail to click with and that’s alright because you can’t expect everyone to like you…as much as that would be nice, it’s unrealistic but it could also just be that you don’t get enough time to get to know absolutely everyone on your course at the same time. Chances are that after the first few weeks, groups will have already been formed which I often thought was silly because shouldn’t be able to at some point make new friends along the way, instead of straight away on day one? Not everyone can suddenly jump into social mode as fast as others and for them, it can be too late sometimes and they find themselves without any friends and that’s a shame really, not always the case but I have seen it happen at the same time so maybe it just depends on whop is on your course I guess, whether some are patient enough for shy people to come out of their shells I guess.

Of course, University is not for everyone, I remember many people dropping out because it just wasn’t what they had expected it to be, some couldn’t hack it and went home or chose to go to another University  so I guess you should really look at the place you chose to go to and the city or town it is located in, it all matters because that is where you will be spending the next 3 to 6 years and I guess not everyone properly looks at where they are going to actually be going to…google it at least!

Food was a weird one because I ended up having things that I wouldn’t eat at home in a million years…things like just rice or cereal for dinner…because it was cheap! I would often not have breakfast as well, either because I normally slept in and had to get to a lecture or it was about lunch time when I would get out of bed…you might find yourself enjoying a good lie in…that is if your next door neighbour isn’t deafening themselves with music or playing a computer game all night and making sure you can hear every single action!

Finally, always remember what it is you have gone to University for, you have paid all of this money for….a piece of paper, that’s right….thousands of pounds gone into books, maintenance, food, fees and other expenses so you can hang a piece of paper in a frame in your hallway for others to see and probably ignore after the first few weeks! For something you could probably print off your computer…yes the significance and meaning are there in your degree as it says well done, you win! you got a 2:1 which is the most earned mark out of them all, we’ll send you the bill in the mail randomly a year down the line!

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