To The Land Of The Rising Sun Part 5-Home Cooked Feeling Meal

  Hello and Konnichiwa! こんにいちは We arrived back to our hotel after exploring the wonder land that was ‘Akihabara’ and collapsed onto our beds and turned on the television….to discover that all the channels were in Japanese (What was I expecting?) However, we watched the weather for the next few days and could make out […]

To The Land Of The Rising Sun Part 4- Akihabara Turned Me Into A Cat

Hello and Konnichiwa! こんにいちは Check out the previous part by clicking here- Going to Akihabara wasn’t that difficult actually, it was very easy to find once we got back on the train, it was only a few stops away and before we knew it, we were leaving the station and were stop in Electric Town! Maps […]

To The Land Of The Rising Sun Part 3- Give me all the Pokemon!

Hello and Konnichiwa! こんにいちは Before hand, check out the first two parts to this adventure by clicking the links here Part 2- Part 1- Finally, I am in Japan and it’s dark…I’ll have to wait until morning to properly see anything I guess but I’m on Japanese soil and that’s exciting enough in […]