Happy 2017 everyone, I went quiet for quite a few months and haven’t really done much blogging recently and I have reasons why that is. I’ll explain here and now why I have been quiet for quite some time.

I recently was fortunate enough to get married in August 2016 and have been enjoying settling down with my wife as we begin our life together. It was a good year for us as most of it was spend around getting ready for the big day and getting back to normal once it had passed and of course, if you were living under a rock, we all know what else happened in 2016….hope 2017 is a better year for the world!

I will continue blogging throughout 2017, mainly about Autism of course and it is a very important subject for me. It’s mainly from my point of view though but am always learning something new along the way as well. Last year, I saw how others coped with Autism and if I was anything like that at all or was I different and the answer was at times both. Sometimes I felt like I could relate to other people with it and at times, I couldn’t and that still doesn’t completely make sense to me now, I hope that it does someday

I feel like making a little video series and sharing it on here, just talking about my own experiences with Autism and no, it’s not a show off kind of thing where I brag about overcoming things because of my Autism, nothing like that but it’s just nice to sometimes know that your not the only one who felt like they could never make a friend, find someone to love them or do something that no one thought you were capable off. Nothing wrong with sharing a story or two with others!

So in 2017, I want to blog and make videos regarding Autism! Wherever it actually works or not remains to be seen but I won’t know until I try!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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