Basically, everyone will have a different opinion regarding their Autism, some people will see it as a hindrance to how they live life every single day whereas others won’t have it affect how they do things at all. If you ask ten different people with Autism what their life is like, chances that you’ll have ten very different answers is very high, how do I know this? I have at least met ten other people with Autism and not one of them are like me in great detail, sure we have minor details down to a ‘T’ but as for the rest, we are polar opposites.

I myself no longer have my life affected by my Autism or at least no where near to the extent that it once did when I was younger. So many mistakes made because I never thought anything through, didn’t care if I did anything bad, as long as I was happy that was all I cared about. Quite often, I find stories of how Autism prevents people from living a basic normal life and I always roll my eyes because I just wouldn’t ever let that happen, I couldn’t live a life where everyone else is always telling me that I couldn’t ‘cope’ without them because of my ‘Autism’  I will not be chained down by others who don’t even have Autism!


It was my constant thoughts and being paranoid about how people would see me and accept me for what I had that really messed me up as a youth, it was really bad and I had no idea how to handle things and I made many mistakes because of this. Over time though, I have learnt that everyone makes mistakes, whether you have a condition or not, people just see what we have and assume that’s why they made such a mistake in the first place. The smartest people make mistakes, the happiest people do every day! So why should I always feel down and shut myself away because of Autism? At the worst times It makes me feel lonely and isolated from everyone I care about but it passes and most of the time, I am fine…I live with my wife and have accomplished a lot in my life, because I can!

I’m afraid I will never completely understand why a lot of other people constantly put themselves down because of what they have! Sure, maybe they have a more severe case of Autism compared to what I have but when it comes to that, I have learnt that you can’t say anything like that without offending many people, even saying minor Autism can tick people off…having an opinion is tough but many people with Autism are doing wonderful things in the world like writing books and having pro-vital roles in society so if anyone tells you that you can’t ‘cope’ because of your Autism, tell them that many others can so why can’t you? It’s not impossible, people told me it was and I ignored them because if I did, I’d have never moved out of my family home or met my wife! I’d be isolated and alone.



It’s easy to roll over and accept it but it’s very hard to do something about it….but if it wasn’t hard then it wouldn’t be worth it! Autism is what you make of it! Sure you’ll have bad days but good days will come as well. Some days you’ll feel like you don’t have any friends or that you can’t follow your dreams but you can bypass that and go for it anyway, screw it if your terrified or feel scared, we have one life on this Earth and i’ll be dammed if I’m spending mine locked away in a bedroom playing games all day, feeling sorry for myself! I did that once…never again!

If everyone understood Autism, maybe everything would be easier for those who have it, going out and living a daily life would be such a task if others knew how much of a struggle it could actually be. I used to be scared of having any children because chances of them having Autism was always there but now If they have Autism, I will do everything I can to help them  because I know what it’s like, I understand how hard it can be to get through a day without being paranoid, without worrying about how others saw me all the time.

If school could have been easier if my teachers and other students knew what I had and didn’t think I was weird because I was scared of making friends or speaking to other people! I hope one day everything is a lot simpler and not a daunting task for people with Autism, I can imagine my childhood would have been a lot easier if others were more accepting and understanding of what I  really had.

Well it’s 2017, who knows maybe changes worldwide will happen this year, you can always hope but as for me, I often forget I have Autism nowadays, that’s because it rarely ever affects anything, my past experiences have seen to that, I got so tired of how things were that I broke through that barrier and did something about it. I know that if I hadn’t my life would be a lot different right now, I would be anywhere near as happy if I hadn’t. Long may everyone achieve their dreams and prove all doubters wrong!

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