• Can’t you get cured? 

    No! Just no! This is a line that I just can’t stand anyone who says this to me in person or online. Why would you possibly think that this is ok? Autism isn’t something that needs curing because it isn’t a disease! If you look at a child with Autism, you wouldn’t think it was disease ridden, would you? No…anyone with a bit of decency about them would want to make that child comfortable and happy, or I hope so at least but when they become an adult, things just feel different….no passion or compassion from anyone, your look upon as a nuisance because apparently for some ‘Autism’ is an excuse for gaining attention. Once or twice, I have been asked if I ever want to have my Autism cured so I  can be more social and I was just annoyed every single time. No one with Autism wants a cure because nothing needs to be cured…what we want is understanding and a bit of compassion here and there! Really wish stupidity can be cured…I mean, did you see 2016 Planet Earth….If anything needs cured….it’s that!

  • Vaccines cause Autism

    Why oh why do I see this on my news feed most days, like it’s being forced down my throat, it’s annoying…really annoying so can people just stop getting so worked up and obsessed over something that isn’t proven to be a fact, it’s just speculation yet I see mass wars break out online over the topic all the time. What is the point of this argument if it won’t ever have a conclusion to satisfy everyone? I know that’s clearly wishful thinking but I think it’s clear that anyone with Autism will automatically shut this one down so NEVER say this one….seriously, don’t! It’s not worth the backlash and to be fair, even if it was ever proven….it would never be accepted and I’m not surprised either…Vaccines prevent some pretty nasty illnesses like Mumps so why would you not have a vaccination?

    God must hate you!

    I’ve had this one three times and I find it quite hurtful because I am made to feel bad for being given Autism by what I assume is God (I’m an Atheist by the way) But to be told that God must hate me so he gave me Autism, imagine being told by a stranger that! Not very nice, is it! I know that the Internet is a very dark and evil place where people say bad things everyday for no reason and all but to be told that the creator hates you so he made it hard for you to make friends can be devastating if your very touchy and insecure. For me, I brush it off but I can imagine that some people would take that comment to heart and that’s a shame if you ask me.  It’s like an intimidation factor because of the god and hell thing…Not a suggestion but why on Earth does it matter if someone doesn’t believe in God or any kind of deity? It’s a choice but to be told that one gave me Autism because of a belief, it’s uncalled for and over the line in my opinion.

  • Are you Retarded?

This word is often used as a term for hatred for anyone with a disability and in my books is one of the worst words you can use to describe another human being! Just imagine being called this word because of what you have….This has ruined my day sometimes just because it sounds nasty, it can’t really be said by accident really, if this word is said, it’s on purpose and it’s meant.  Please do not use this word to insult ANYONE it’s just a bad word that I find dehumanizing and insulting!

  • What Medication do you take?

Oh I see, because you think I’m ill, I need some sort of medication to help myself get better, right? I hear about many people in America being put on some kind of medication and from my understanding, it’s a personal matter. One, why would you ask someone if they were on medication for anything? I wouldn’t be shocked if I asked you that question and you got angry about it! Like the rest of the human race for stating an opinion!  Some take medication for various reasons but I personally don’t need to but even if I did, would it really make a difference to you and your life? Will you not be able to sleep at night without knowing the answer? If someone tells you that they do or don’t fair enough but if you bring the topic up, I find that it would be quite rude because why would you even need to know? I’ll just pry into your health and ask you many personal questions that you might not want everyone to know and see how you feel.

  • You’re not Autistic, you have friends and are married, How? 

I don’t even want to dignify this stupid one with an answer because WHAT DOES BEING AUTISTIC HAVE TO DO WITH IT? Tell me people, how does it prevent you from living life at all? Give me an intelligent answer….you can’t? That’s because anyone with Autism can make a friend, meet someone and get married…ok maybe some won’t get to do all of that but it’s insulting to assume that everyone with Autism will not be able to do all of that…I mean not everyone who doesn’t have Autism will have friends or get married, I’m sure you can be a loner and have no mental health issues you know. It just seems that we have to label everything, you can’t just be normal and not succeed…there has to be a reason for it!

  • Prove It


  • Can You Have Sex?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Seriously though yes, quite easily actually….I have a wife! Why do we all assume that everyone with something is exactly the same? Many people with Autism can have sex…of course they can…last time I checked they had the genitalia required for it like everyone else but I get that some might assume that some people with Autism could easily be taken advantage of and abused in this way probably by some heartless monsters because…seriously we are cruel creatures (Humans) to other species and ourselves…weird but whatever. What on Earth makes you think that someone with Autism can’t have sex….if they have the tool, it is possible…same goes for everyone else.

  • Can You have Children? 

This one has nothing to do with being Autistic! I assume that I can, I have the tools in order to make one but I have never tried to make one before….for all I know I might not be able to for some reason, I’ll know when the time comes but I assume that yes I can as can anyone with Autism because thinking that we can’t is very stupid. Why are these even sayings said by many people? Read a book or look Autism up online people, it’s 2017, what’s your excuse in this day and age for not knowing about something that your curious about?

  • I had no Idea you were Autistic, you show no signs

Ok…what signs are you looking for? Ok so with some people it might be obvious but with many we have no signs on us…I’m not going to stick a label on my forehead to let you know, I really don’t want to make it obvious or I’d have to deal with all of these stupid questions from all of you…nothing like a good old stereotype! Am I acting too normal for you or something? Should I not speak to anyone and sit by myself for you to go ‘that’s more like it?’ Everyone with Autism are different in many ways. For some, it’ll be obvious and for others, you won’t have a clue and for the majority of people, this is just too confusing as apparently, we all have to act the same to make it easier for everyone else…I worry about the human race sometimes.


  1. I found this post from one of the Facebook groups and I love the perspective you give! I’ve worked with little kiddos with Autism for most of my adult life and loved every bit of it! Usually, I never know how the years have treated the kiddos I had as they get older so it’s awesome to read an Adult with Autism’s perspective on things!

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