Trump is President….it has happened…he is the 45th President of the United States Of America…Oh god…This is coming from a British Guy who couldn’t watch anything else than his inauguration because that was all that was on TV today, I’m not American but this guy affects the entire Planet, not just America even though he says’America comes first’ the whole world was watching today, aware of who the most powerful man on the Planet is now…Obama is gone, Donald has arrived and it’s a weird time because we’ve known it was coming for a few months now.

He has promised to build a great wall to keep Mexicans out…threatened to pull out of NATO which would have disastrous consequences! Wants to repeal the rights for the LBGT community, pretty much, we’re going back in time! Protests occur in America and all over the globe as he is sworn into office…even though it would take something Massive for him to be impeached….especially since his party runs Congress! Face it guys, unless he majorly screws up, he’s here until 2021 at least!  BTW I am no Trump fan at all, just see no point in saying that he’s not the President because no one can do anything about it, sadly.

#NotMyPresidentTrump is all over the place….even though if your an American in America saying this….newsflash…he is your President for 4 years at least! Hey don’t blame me, you guys voted him in! Seriously though, if Hilary Clinton lost to this guy, she’d never be able to beat anyone! How do you lose to Trump? Anyway, we all have to accept what has happened because it’ll happen whether we like it or not, life still goes on regardless but I can see why so many people are panicking at the same time.

Being British and sipping a cup of tea, my own country has it’s own issues right now as many of you know….Brexit and all of that….Wow, you guys made me forget about Brexit….Kudos for that! How did you let it come down to Trump or Clinton? How was that possible America….How? Now everyone is freaking out and worrying about what this guy is going to do over the next 4 years….the man has access to Nukes….he has Congress and if he does any of his ideas, major changes worldwide could be coming…it’s easy to jump the gun on this one because he’s given you enough speeches of his intentions to make you wonder if Planet Earth will still even be here by 2021! It will be, I don’t think anyone is crazy enough to press this thing


I’ve read comments from people wishing the Queen of Great Britain to take America back! Now that’s just silly! People wanting to move to Canada that when the results came out, the main website for people wanting to move to Canada crashed! This man will be in the news most days….for 1460 days at least (4 years) The wall probably won’t happen…Mexico won’t pay for it, they’ve stated that ENOUGH times so what is Trump going to do, pay for it himself, make Americans pay for it?

The guy hasn’t even done anything yet and people are already rioting and smashing stuff like random Starbucks….you know being violent and destructive…the thing they feared Trump would cause….way to go America! Beat the man to the punch, am I right? Why all the senseless violence though? Why go out and smash local businesses, big companies and property, it won’t kick him out of office, your just making ordinary peoples life’s a misery because your country put 2 horrible candidates up for the Election….at least you got to vote for your leader….we just had to put up with ours in 2016…. Did you watch Trump being sworn in? Did you worry, did you cry or did you cheer? Remember, people voted Trump in so many people will be celebrating this as a victory today and if you do, fair enough and if your scared, fair enough….as for me…I’m on the fence and will wait and see what President Trump does first, I mean he hasn’t been in office for long yet and 4 yrs is a long time!

Good Luck Earth!

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