It was an amazing decision to want to come to Tenerife, a lovely island full of paradise, peace and breathtaking views but one piece that cannot be missed…because it can be seen from all over the island is the Volcano located at the center pretty much of the Island, MT Teide! It’s always fun to go up and look out across the sea at the other islands. I have been up it 3 times in my lifetime as of yet but it was the latest time I ventured to it that I think will always stick in my mind for being problematic yet memorable


I stood at the top of MT Teide, looking at the gorgeous view all around, the scorching heat with the non existent wind accompany the atmosphere as I try to spot Africa in the distance, I convinced myself the chance was there but I was never sure if it was Africa or just another island I could see through my binoculars. As I stood staring out into the distance, an irritating thought kept creeping into my mind as panting was heard close by. It was the pant of an over tired woman who was sat down upon a rock on the ground, a pair of shoes dangling in her grip, I sigh as I look down at her, taking my concentration from the amazing view.

Slightly annoyed, I put down my binoculars and wander over to her, wiping my forehead of the continuous sweat, I crumble to the sandy ground and look at her, she rubs her red feet and groans in pain. Her feet look sore and in pain, she knows I’m annoyed but doesn’t want to admit that I was right and she was wrong on this one, So I just asked:

‘Why are you wearing High Heels up here?’


The year is 2011 and it is our first ever abroad holiday together as a couple, so we decided to head to the Canary Islands for two weeks in the sun and to relax or so my girlfriend wanted to do, I was more of an explorer who wanted to be busy all the time. We had contrasting views of how to enjoy a holiday  so eventually decided to compromise and do a bit of both. Some days were full of excursions and others were spent relaxing by the poolside or going to the beach, it sounded fair and to an extent, it was but if I could remember anything from that holiday, it was going to be the excursion to the volcano, MT Teide.

I Had A Bad Camera…Wrong Date and Fuzzy!

It was a hot day in July, a really scorching one! I just love how this kind of weather is considered the norm in many countries worldwide yet I struggle to cope in it as I feel like fainting half the time from overheat, so much water required!  and it was also my girlfriends birthday as well, so we were going out for a meal once we had gotten back from the volcano for a treat but instead of getting changed once we returned like everyone would have done, she decided to try and kill two birds with one stone and go up the volcano…in her birthday dress which included a pair of black High Heels….Yeah, I said Heels. not trainers or walking boots….but a pair of High Heels!

Head in Hands
Why…Just Why??

Who on Earth thinks that’s a good idea? I tried to talk her out of it but she was having none of it, my girlfriend (now Wife) is hard to talk out of anything once her mind is set on it, even if the idea isn’t sensible or beneficial to her or me at all. On a holiday, an excursion is meant to be a fun experience enjoyed by all and I know not all of them have a ‘dress code’ but you wouldn’t go to to the North Pole naked or walk all the way across China and I mean, walk not take the train or a car! So why would you walk up a Volcano in High Heels, I what would you expect to happen?

Once we arrived on the bus, we had to walk a considerable distance to reach the top where the best views are and I was excited, camera around my neck and hat on….trainers on mind you! Emma stood there in her dress, a face of despair as walking to the top of a Volcano requires you to go up a hill! Needless to say, the next hour was spent slowly making our way towards the summit with the constant groans of ‘My feet hurt’ and ‘Can we slow down!’

So Ladies and Gents, after this rather odd experience that I went through, I think that the lesson learnt here on top of the Volcano, looking towards Africa is a simple one, don’t wear High Heels when you walk up a volcano!….it’s just not a good idea…at all and to be honest, it’s pretty stupid.

Good Day!

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