Hello and Konnichiwa!


We arrived back to our hotel after exploring the wonder land that was ‘Akihabara’ and collapsed onto our beds and turned on the television….to discover that all the channels were in Japanese (What was I expecting?) However, we watched the weather for the next few days and could make out that it was forecasting rain in a few days time which was a little bit annoying but what can you do about mother nature?


Near to our hotel, about two minutes away actually, we saw a long stretch of road and decided to head down it, hoping to find somewhere to grab a meal, preferably something Japanese…I mean you don’t travel around the globe to only to a Fish and Chip shop…(If your British, that makes sense) We wanted something new and on the main street a few minutes away were many Japanese places but in the little guide the hotel had given us, it said that a fried pork cutlet place was nearby so we searched for it and before we knew it, we spotted this place.

Looks like a nice little place

We were welcomed and made to feel at home and I’ll be honest, we were nervous wrecks as we immediately thought that the language barrier would come into play, yet we knew enough basics and they were very understanding. They had these little baskets on the floor and asked us to place our bags in them, which we obliged and did so. They recommended the Pork Cutlet so that’s what we went for the Pork Cutlet.

The atmosphere was a peaceful one yet very approachable which I liked, it was rare to feel so comfortable back home when you went out, yet here I felt like it was a home cooked meal but in the comfort of my home and it was a nice feeling! No massive fuss or interrogations, friendly staff and kind surroundings was all that was needed and it adds to the meal as well.

My Food

I found a small entry about this place in my journal and this is what I wrote down. I did this a lot over here, I wanted to remember everything!

‘For our evening meal, we went to a local restaurant called ‘Mushashiya’ and tried the fried pork cutlet which came with a cabbage salad, a bowl of rice, some miso soup and a coke’

‘Everyone was very friendly and polite towards us yet professional as well. The food was delicious and I must make sure I leave them a good Trip Advisor rating once I get home’


Others were already there when we arrived yet we sat away from them, we were nervous and unsure how we would be received, this quickly would go though as we felt quite welcome during our time in Japan, not prodded and stared at but friendly faces, helpful in a pinch and were always positive, it was wonderful! It’s comforting to feel welcome in a land far away from my own, we don’t know anyone here and it can be a little intimidating to go somewhere so far away and to not know a single person there except the person you came if but we never really felt…alone if you understand what I’m trying to say here.

The first true experience of Japanese cuisine was amazing, the food was delicious and if I ever go back to Japan, i’ll try to come back to this place because it was a kind place that welcomed us in and treated us as they would a local! I respected that…just wish Emma finished her cabbage salad…I don’t even like Cabbage yet I ate it all out of respect…it was pretty nice actually but that Pork Cutlet…divine! My favourite weirdly though was the Miso soup….need to have some over here as well but won’t be as good. The meal was very nice and for the price which to be fair was reasonable for what we got was fair, we heard of far more expensive places in the city so we were beyond happy to find this place!


They wished us well as we left and feeling happy, we thought of going back to the hotel and just relaxing for a while but I wanted to explore so we went for a walk after this to explore the area. It was still quite hot at this time and the sound of cicadas was all over the place, we saw many people wearing robes and sandals and it sort of completed the look a bit…we of course saw many people in modern clothing and it really painted a picture of Japan in the present day, bizzare but great to look at, that being a mix of the past and present together. We soon saw a huge temple in the distance but it looked closed and was very dark as well so walked around it and found this not too far behind it

Tokyo Tower!

I’ve read that this is a tourist trap and such in books so I never went inside but admired it from the outside instead. I was only going up one tower when I was in Tokyo but we’ll get to that layer much later on! We went back to the hotel after this and decided what our plans were for the next day…now when I suggested that we come to Japan for the honeymoon, I had to agree to a few terms…mainly that we had to visit a certain place while we were over here, I agreed to it but knew that I was going to suffer for the next couple of days!  Now that we had the Rail Passes, I had no more excuses…Emma was going to get her days of fun and magical moments

Emma was dragging me….to Disney Land!


See you next time as we explore Disney Land Tokyo….HELP ME!


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