Hello and Konnichiwa!



I guess today, we are not technically looking around Tokyo but going to a theme park that happens to be in it…sort of. Still surprised that London doesn’t have a Disney yet Hawaii does but oh well, I’ll just have to settle for BBC Land instead! Either that or Harry Potter experience but never mind that, the next two days are squarely focused on getting around two Disney Parks, oh the joy to come all this way across the planet, to spend two days of it at an overrated theme park! I’m joking but I knew I was going to be exhausted going to these places because my wife always wants to meet every character she can, wait in endless queues and go on every non fun ride you can find!

Time To Catch The First of Many Trains!

After breakfast where I had chocolate sauce on Chicken Nuggets for some reason…We caught our local train to the big station and before I continue, let me tell you…Tokyo Station is a maze! Seriously, it goes on forever and it feels like an eternity to get to your train sometimes, especially the one that takes you to Disney Land, long corridor followed by stairs, followed by long corridor, followed by escalator etc you get the idea, this goes on for a while but if I had a tip for any traveler, DO NOT GET LOST DOWN HERE! One wrong corridor turn is all that it takes before your that clueless tourist using hand signs to try and tell a local that your lost! You won’t die of hunger or thirst though, enough vending machines to feed an army down here!


Finally though, persistence pays off and we find the right platform and the journey itself wasn’t half bad…the scenery reminded me of certain anime’s I’ve seen in the past with certain Ferris wheels in the distance and such, it just painted a picture for me I guess! It was a nice day and the weather was scorching hot as per usual which required a lot of sun screen but it was August which is normally the hottest month of the year in Japan so I couldn’t really complain, just wonder why some people had umbrellas out when it wasn’t raining…yet!

When we departed our train, I was a little confused as to where the theme park actually was…I couldn’t see it anywhere and I began to fear that we had gotten off at the wrong stop or something but we were surrounded by many people in Disney merchandise and we had plenty of signs around us that we were in the right place, we just had to walk to it along a bit of a path is all, fair enough…I’ll be doing plenty of that for the rest of the day!

The First Of Many Shops!

Before the main entrance, we had a few stops to look about in and like any tourist, that’s what we did, it’s funny as no matter where you go in the world, a shop is a shop and it might hold wonders for you to see like….a hat that makes it look like a cartoon duck is on your head!

Wish I’d bought this!

I loved that hat but I hesitated to buy it…I knew I would have a regret or two after this holiday and weirdly enough, this was one of them! Shops aside we made our way to the park and bought a two day pass each and it wasn’t incredibly expensive as you would expect Disney to be which was a nice touch to be honest. It’s nice you go abroad and you can do fun stuff whilst making sure you have enough money for the rest of the adventure, I mean it could be easy to go to a them park like this and buy loads of merchandise…especially for my wife, the Disney Geek that she is!


I had a little bit of a mission to accomplish out here and it was one that in previous years, I had always failed at! However, I was not going to lie down and accept defeat on this occasion. I was going to get my wife to go on a big ride with a drop on it. She had done whatever it took to get out of going on anything like roller coasters or log flumes our entire relationship, yet I had only succeeded one time but that was a water slide in Florida and to be honest, she only went down it because a little kid went before her and she said to me

‘I have to go now…I can’t be upstaged by a kid!’



So naturally, she went down the slide and was so mad at me later on…she was shaking! I thought about Splash Mountain so convinced her to have a go on it and I learnt that it does not matter where you are in this world, queues are everywhere! We had a 100 minute wait for this ride and that’s a long time to wait, I slightly thought that this was something i could easily do back home and I was missing out on doing something Japanese! Sure Emma screamed her head off with every drop but it just felt like Paris, like Orlando…the only thing that was really different was the language! Still a fun park to visit though, easily a great day out but when you’ve been to the same park on 3 different continents, you feel a bit weird about the whole thing!

We went on the Jungle Cruise which was fun because it was all in Japanese, the tour I mean! It’s weird when you don’t understand a word what the tour guide is saying! I’ll admit that it makes things different and went along with it and it was fun as was most of the day, Emma was having fun and that’s what was all that was important to me! I’d easily travel around the globe to make her happy!


Food wise, it’s quite expensive but they have maps that tell you where the most expensive and cheapest places to eat are located so after a few rides, we went along to a cool looking place based of Alice in Wonderland and the place was packed…a queue that looked endless but we were hungry and knew most places were like this so didn’t bother moving on. Presentation wise, the place looked really nice but then again, I had a long time to admire it! The only good thing about this long queuing was it got me out of the boiling heat outside for a while, so a chance to cool of on a day like this is always welcome.


I’m growing to really love the food over here! I had a fried fish assortment for lunch that included a scallop, a tempura prawn, a fried fish piece, broccoli, rice and a coke and so much work goes into presentation here, it’s a nice touch and you get quite a lot as well to be fair but then again you probably need it with all the walking you’ll be doing around the park which is a lot!


Tip- Bring a lot of water! I didn’t do this and felt quite dehydrated with a massive headache by days end! Whoops! The park itself is a lot of fun and will fill up your entire day if you want it to, that and you’ll be queuing most of it for the best rides, maybe we should have got some fast passes or something but never mind, the day was a lot of fun but after an afternoon of going on some more rides and window shopping, we watched a few parades and

we decided to head back and save some energy for the next day when we would go to Disney Sea! This sounded a bit more exciting for me as it was a little bit different to most Disney Parks so I was looking forward to this greatly.

However, before we left, I managed to see this inside one of the shops and it just made me laugh for the rest of the day….someone obviously did this on purpose and it actually is the 2nd Disney Park I have seen someone do this…no idea why this is but it was just to funny!

What Happens In The Honey Pot Stays In The Honey Pot!


‘We went to Disneyland Tokyo today and as I expected, I was absolutely exhausted by the end of it all! Seems to always have that kind of effect on me though, these parks! If you’ve been to a Disney Park or two, you might notice how they all look somewhat similar when it comes to the layouts, like the Main Street that leads up towards the castle, they are almost identical, except that some have different castles, apart from that….not much is different!’

Once we got back to the hotel, we realised something….during the entire day, we had not found a single tsum tsum in the park at all! We had looked in as many shops as we could find yet didn’t see a single one anywhere and I wrote about it here-

‘We were looking for Disney Tsum Tsums and assuming that we were in a Disney Park, we would surely be able to find some…especially in the country of their origin! However, we weren’t able to find any all day which was a little disappointing

Overall, a great day with much done and after we have looked around Disney Sea, we can get back to exploring the great city of Tokyo! I am glad we went to Disney today though, a nice sense of familiarity of going around a familiar park can ease a person if they know what a certain ride is like but with a bit of a twist to the park with language, food and even weather being different to what you are used to, it enhanced the experience and would easily recommend to anyone that they visit this place when coming to Japan.

See you next time


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